Friday, January 20, 2012

I have been walking...

I have been taking at least 3 5km walks in a week since November. I would say I have walked at least every other day, because I try to do it every day. It wasn't easy during Yule, though.
It doesn't show anywhere. I'm getting p'd off. (Well, it shows. I'm a bit tighter, have a better posture and clothes sit a bit better. But I haven't lost a size or so, so - a bit. *sigh*)
I want to lose weight. I want to get at least under 80 again.

25 ways to burn 500 calories is not 25 ways to burn 500 calories. Good advice, though.

It's like this list of "healthy snacks". I hate it when people don't seem to understand that "healthy" and "healthier" are not synonyms.

Or "android" body type... This is so me. 
Except I won't get a booty like that "normal" girl, ever.

I also hate it when people automatically assume that my body type must be "endomorph", because I'm fat. I'm mesomorph, have always been and will always be. I don't have narrow shoulders and short limbs, on the contrary. I have never been pear-shaped. Not even now when I'm fat. I don't have hourglass figure. I'm V-shaped. You know, valkyrias. Big breast, wide chest and shoulders, wide back, and I get heavier of upper body.

Well... today my BMI is 37.2 and my estimated body fat percentage is 43%.
Interestingly that's 8% less than half a year ago... BMI is about the same. Weird. So - I'm getting muscles. Muscles burn more calories, so... I'll just wait and the BMI will start going down too.

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