Thursday, January 26, 2012

365 Pinterest Challenge

Oh, I love challenges. I never finish them, because I'm a master procrastinator, so I'll do something about the challenge tomorrow... You know how it is :-D

Nevertheless, there's this site, Pinterest... (if you wish to be invited, just leave me your email addy in comments - and don't write it the form, because that's a foolproof way to get your address copied by spam sites, but write at instead of @ and dot instead of . - name at whatever dot com. BTW, I will delete the comment after I have sent you the invitation, so that your email addy will not stay online.)

Anyway, Pinterest... There are tons of wonderful, inspiring things there, and everyone just keeps pinning and does nothing about the pinned things. Oh, Aspie heaven! And people are tired of not doing anything, so they create challenges, and one of these challenges is 365 days of Pinterest. That is, to do one pinned thing every day during the year.

So - it's January 26th and I need to do like 30 things this weekend to keep up with the others making 2012 the 365 Pinterest year :-D

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