Friday, January 13, 2012

I hate Wordpress

I have a wordpress blog, The One and Only. It doesn't work the way I want a blog to work. I like Blogger.

Anyway, there's the Day Zero Project
There's 50 before 50
and there's SYED - scare yourself every day.

On first day of the year of living dangerously, Greg went to a party where he knew practically no-one.

Yeah, that would be scary. I'm not invited to parties anymore... we never go, anyway.
But... perhaps it's time to visit Forodrim again.
And start singing in the choir. Scary thing to do: contact the choir leader and go to the first meeting. Singing - not scary at all.

Day 2 - spring cleaning... Life laundry.

Yes, that's scary. But I know someone who's even more scared by the thought than I am... my husband.
I know I really need to clean our apartment. It's messy and dirty and takes a damn lot of energy just to live in... it makes me tired and unhappy just by existing.

Day 3 - work presentation... I don't have a job. But I'm supposed to keep a lecture on my life before and after Aspergers diagnosis. I'm okay with that. The only problem is that it's taking for ever.

Day 4 - getting more social at yoga class...
I want to start with yoga class. That would be a really scary thing to do... I wonder if they have beginner classes in yoga in Södertälje... They have parkour for 40+ people... in Stockholm. It costs a bit too much for me though.

Day 5 - admitting defeat

No problems with that. Not giving up, now that's another story.

Day 6 - talking to someone new

Yeah, scary. Plan on doing this next week, when I go back to the choir.

Day 7 - going out with myself

Yeah, scary. I need to go to movies with myself, I need to go to a restaurant with myself, and I need to go to a café with myself.

Okay... so this is what I'll do.

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