Thursday, October 24, 2013

Well... apparently I'm lying.

You see, *I* see the green in my eyes very clearly. My husband wonders where I see the green, because there is no green in my eyes. Oh. Huh. Ok. He's entitled to his opinion, isn't he :-D

my lips didn't get in last post, so here they are.

This is my beautiful "every other hair silver, every other hair gold"
like the princess' hair in H.C.Andersen's fairytale. 
With other words; mouse-y, dishwater, country road greyish what-ever

And this is my lovely peaches-and-cream skin. Or rather greyish, I think
I suppose one should see the color of veins here, but I can't see much of them.
And apparently one cannot trust my color eye, so we go by what my husband says,
and he says the veins are green, or greenish teal.

About this color:

I'm OK with that. Love that color!

Ths is as I see my eye.
It's a color enhanced photo.
This is my eye as my husband sees it. Un-enhanced.
You can see the green, can't you? 
Apparently it's an optical illusion...

This is my eye today. 
Very dark today.
Maybe because I'm wearing dark indigo blue and white yukata.

Anyway... it seems to me that this is my Zyla eye colors:
The lightest is sort of green grey, the darkest is very dark brown, 
and the "ring around the eye" is pure grey. So "my black" is grey. Interesting.

Monday, October 21, 2013

More Adventures in the Color Land

So, I've been playing a little more with the Zyla colors.

I don't much believe that... you see, I don't have a darker ring around my irises. I took that "black" from the SHADOW my eyelids cast over the iris. In fact, the darkest part of my irises is almost black. So my "enery color" is practically black. 8-[

And "my black" is dark brown. Or dark sage green?

Also, my "tranquil" color, the soothing, calming color, is either that olive, khaki, military green or golden brown... I'm not feeling it.
And what about those people who have only one color in their eyes? Perhaps shades of one color... So their energy color is the same as their tranquil color?

Bah. Humbug.

Well... Jane found "color palette generator" and used it on her eyes, skin, hair and lips. So I followed the suit. I'm not really pleased with it, because it chooses the swatches by the largest area of colors, and some sort of color combination thing.

And these are the colors I find nasty. So I most certainly am not "summer" or anything combined with summer. And considering that cranberry has nice strength, but it's a bit too cold; that mauve would be nice if it had more depth, more brown in it, and that pinky beige is ALMOST ok, except that it has a slight greyness about it that I don't like.
I don't like greyness in colors - except in grey, and sage... and together with black, white and pink or yellow... but "taupe" is about the ugliest color there is. Taupe, rose beige and mauve. Yuk. The color of dishwater and rotting meat. So I assume the greyness of my hair and other parts is to be ignored. :-> If  I remember right, they said Autumns can look rather grey... My colors are definitely warm.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shades of White

David Zyla says that one should get some paint chips and see which shade of white makes your skin look best. Both my husband and I agree on that it's these whites, with a little bit of pink or peach in them.

Snow is actually derived of pure red. It has only a hint of color in it, just a drop of blood one could say.

Sea shell is orange, almost in the middle of the pure red of snow and the muted yellow-orange of Old Lace.

Old Lace is the "dirtiest" of these whites, with most color and also the color there is in this is a bit dull, and not pure.

Don't you think that "Old Lace" and "Snow" are "summer" palettes, and not for "spring"? Old lace is actually very warm and more "autumn" than "summer", and the periwinkle in "Snow" palette is a "spring" color...

I might be an "autumn" anyway... but I kind of don't care ;-)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Experimenting with colors

I was inspired by "Snugbug" and her color portraits.

This is me, without make-up, with my natural hair color, some 15 years ago :-)  
My hair is dark ash blonde, honey blonde, caramel, light brown with a clear reddish tint in sunlight. And usually it has no color at all. It's pure grey. It's really interesting, actually :-D
Dishwater, mouse-y, dirt road color...
My skin has a grey tone too, I think. Certain pinkness... I think my skin is surprisingly light considering I'm a dark blonde with dark eyes and eyebrows, and also that I get olive green when I get tanned, not bronze-y, like most "Springs".  
My eyes are hazel, golden brown, amber (or topaz) in the middle and sage green on the edge.

I have tested this with fabrics and clothes of different colors myself when I was young (back at 80's, or when this thing came out :-D) and could only say one thing for certain. I'm warm, either "spring" or "autumn". I thought I was "autumn", because all the "springs" at that time were golden California blondes with blue or green eyes (or Irish strawberry blondes), and I don't look like that. My mother and sister do. 
Also, I love the "Spring" palette, and use those colors when I paint... I somehow thought that I couldn't possibly be "Spring", because I wanted to be "Spring" :-D Now I think that if I'm not "spring", I don't care, and use those colors anyway, because I love them :-D

Here's my Zyla colors (I'm a bit unhappy, because I came by this theory 20 years ago, I just didn't know it wasn't general knowledge... and now it's "Zyla colors".)

I am not OK with those hair colors, though... I think my hair is a bit different.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spring Seasonal Color

I found Moda's suggestions on which colors go with which neutral colors, and first on the list was grey.
I am a "Spring", so my greys are very warm greys, but I can wear grey. Autumns can't, because the grey enhances the greyness of their muted tones too much.

I have talked about the greys earlier, when I talked about seasonal color theory.

These are the warm and cool greys - what you get when you mix some yellow or blue to neutral, middle gray, gray that is not cool nor warm. Those blueish greys are for "Summers", and warm greys for "Springs".

With grey Moda suggests you wear "sea green", "salmon", "chiffon", "lavender" and "navy".

 Sea Green is the blue-green sea water seems to be under the surface.

Salmon is, naturally, the color of salmon flesh.
Now, it can differ from greyish pale pink to bright orange, depending on what the fish has eaten and what it has done during its lifetime. The brighter, darker color, the better quality fish.
Chiffon yellow is the yellow from a lemon chiffon cake.

Lavender is not a "Spring" color, but there are shades of lavender - or light purple
 - that work for "Springs".
I put the navy in this palette as well.
Periwinkle is a very good color for "Springs", and works well with grey too.