Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ok... so what has happened...

I weigh 106 kilos. :-(

I have been a good girl, yesterday and today, I have kept my food plan and exercise plan.
My period started today and I'm bloated, my feet hurt like hell, but I'm 300 grams lighter today than I was yesterday... That's nice. If that continues, I'll lose 2 kilos in a week... that's a bit too much... but it would be really nice... >:->
Oh, I know, I didn't collect this weight in a week, so I shouldn't expect to get rid of it in a week either...

My first goal is 100 kilos. I want to get back to the "right" side of that number.

Then I want to get my BMI under 30. I know, BMI is misleading, but not too much in this case. That means 85 kilos, and that would be wonderful :-) I weight about that when I met my husband.

My next goal is to get my BMI under 25, that is to "normal weight". For me that's 70 kilos. I think I weighed that in gymnasium (high school)... Most of that was muscle. I used size 42 clothes and felt I was huge, because my sisters and school mates weighed 10 kilos less and used size 36-38. That matters a lot when one is 18.
And then some conversions for American readers: 70 kilos is 154 pounds, size 42 is US size 14, size 38 is 10 and 36 is 8. Or so they say... to me size 36 is really, really, really small, and I cannot even imagine someone being size 0 - that is... 24? Like a 12 years old kid!
There was a singer who was size 32 I think, and she had to either sew her own clothes or buy kids' clothes, because there were no women's clothing made that small... and she would be US size 4...
I would really like to lose 40 kilos, that is, to weigh 66 kilos. That already seems like an impossible goal, but BMI for 66 kilos is 23! That is on the heavier side of "normal" weight! I wonder who has made these charts! I suppose I could be using size 38 if I weighed 66 kilos, and that is... small to me.

But - to get smack in the middle of the "normal" BMI I would need to weigh 60 kilos.

To get to BMI 20 I'd need to weigh 58 kilos.

To get to BMI 18 - which is the glamour model weight - I'd need to weigh 51 kilos...  That's losing half of me.
I wonder... How bony would I be?
Would I feel beautiful or skin and bones, anorectic skinny, too thin?
Would I care if I managed to reach it, or would I think it's good? Would I already be so brainwashed I'd try to continue losing weight?
The thing is that I'm the same height as Penelope Cruz and if I weighed 50 kilos, I'd be as light as she is - and she has about the same body type as I do, and she's wearing size 4 clothes (yeah... 32) so I'd probably look like her... (she's also just 5 years younger than I am...)
Oh, dear... not too skinny. So not too skinny...
Also, apparently her body is the ideal Hollywood body. Interesting... so if I managed to get myself down to 50 kilos and was fit and agile, I would have the IDEAL HOLLYWOOD BODY... Ouch!
(Victoria Beckham is of the same height and weight, and claims to have the same dress size too, and SHE is too thin... Interesting, isn't it? She's also the same age as Penelope...)

BTW: behold the perfect Hollywood beauty:
“Natalie Portman’s nose, Scarlett Johansson’s lips, Halle Berry’s jaw line, 
Taylor Swift’s hair, Anne Hathaway’s eyes and January Jones’ cheeks"
Reminds me of Jeanne Tripplehorn.

I'm p'd off with my foot that hurts. Apparently I have a sprained muscle in the arch of my foot. I'm glad it's nothing worse. But - I need to rest and I don't have much patience with that... I want to walk, and I can't...  I have taken short walks with the dog, twice a day, but even that might be too much. I'm worried that my work with my physical condition is going to be wasted as I have to sit down...
I suppose I could air bike (do bicycle crunches) *sigh*

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