Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet my personal trainer

"Get off your f-ing butt and start working", he is saying here.
Don't get fooled by his looks in this picture. He's really very kind and has a wonderful sense of humor.

"Oh, I can't!" I scream and he says "oh... 10 seconds. If you don't start working after 10 seconds are gone, we'll just work more."

I was late for my workout this morning. So he made me do the advanced in stead of the beginners.
Guess what? I did it :-)
Guess what he said? "Nice... I knew you could. So we'll do this again tomorrow."

I don't think so. My legs are in fire. I don't think I'll be walking tomorrow.

He'll make me work my upper body then.

Hehe (she says with a tone of horror in her voice.)

Guess what else? You know I love Pinterest, right? He was sitting there, waiting for me to get off my butt (yes, he's nice like that...), and noticed I pinned a fitness pin...
"Great!" he said. "Now, do that!"
"What?" said I.
"You pinned it, you think it's a good idea, you want what it promises - so do it. Up and hop, baby."
"You do not want me to come and get you..." he says...
I know I don't. I mean, he's lovely and all that, but... well... So I did 10 sit-ups, 4 push-ups and 10 seconds' plank. And I grinned and frowned and whined... arms and torso shaking because - hey, me and push-ups? On which planet do you live? My arms are like filled with rice pudding and work about as well... though I did my 4 push-ups and 10 seconds' plank. :-)
I love him :-)

Tomorrow it's 15 sit-ups, 5 push-ups and 15 seconds' plank...
I hate him.

But - he knows what I am capable of. He has seen me when I was 16, you know, and fit... when I thought I was fat because I had muscles and couldn't fit in the same clothes as the other girls...
"Bah, you've done that before, you can do it again. We'll get there. YOU will get there. Just let it take the time it takes, and don't think so much. Let me do the thinking, ok?" And then he smiles.
I can't help but smiling back... oh, I love him. :-D

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