Thursday, November 20, 2014

Flamboyant Natural from head to toes: clothes

SEPARATES are extremely exciting on you and should make up the bulk of your wardrobe. A mix-and-match effect is excellent, but be careful always to maintain an elongated vertical line with strong shoulders as the basis of your ensemble. Artfully mixing textures is especially effective.

JACKETS should be long, unconstructed and loose.
Relaxed cuts with broad padded shoulders are best.
Length should be from top of the thigh down (never shorter).
Simple oversized detail is best: large lapels or no lapels, big roomy pockets, easy double-breasted styles (worn open).

Severely tailored jackets.
Symmetrically tailored jackets.
Flouncy jackets.
Cropped, fitted jackets.

Jackets should be long, unconstructed and loose. Length should be from top of the thigh down (never shorter). Monochromatic schemes tend to be a little dull on you, although you may want to go with one major color that is accentuated by another bright shade.

Skirts should be long and straight but not severe.
Oversized and full skirts with deep folds are possible, as long as they are extreme, wide in shape, and worn with big tops.
Short straight skirts are fun and funky - again, worn with oversized tops.
Slits, pockets, kick pleats, buttons, plackets, etc, are good, but any draping or shirring should be kept low and loose (from the hips down) and no detail should ever inhibit mobility.
Hemlines are longish on straight skirts (except for funky minis, etc), and should fall at the top of the calf or longer.
Hemslines on full skirts are uneven and should be very long (bottom of the calf is the minimum length).

Long, pencil-slim styles.
Short symmetrical styles.
Flouncy styles.
Smooth, flared styles.

Pants should be roomy and full.
Man-tailored styles that are slightly wide and relaxed in construction.
Deep pleats, full pockets, and wide, soft cuffs are excellent detail, as are pocket-flaps and plackets.
Satiny evening pants that are wide and full are also excellent.

Sharply tailored and fitted pants.
Overly draped pants with tapered legs.

Blouses should be roomy and full with simple detail and relaxed construction.
Wide and horizontal cuts with clean necklines that are unrestricted are best.
Camisoles are very useful under jackets.

Severely tailored blouses.
Overly fitted blouses.
Overly ornate blouses with intricate or fussy detail.
Blouses with high, stiff or constricted necklines.

Sweaters should be long, roomy, and boldly cut.
Thick, heavy, rough, or ultraplush knits are best.
Longhaired or shaggy knits are also good.
Patterns should be bold and oversized.
Skinny knits should be extremely oversized.
All sweaters should have shoulder pads.

Lightweight, clingy knits.
Fluffy knits.
Cropped sweaters.
Symmetrical, fitted styles such as crew-necked shetlands.

DRESSES: Dresses should be bold and sweeping.
Broad shoulders and an elongated waist (usually dropped) are best.
They are relaxed in outline and shape, and may be either very narrow and slinky or wide and full cut.
Shirring, draping, applique, etc., should be kept low and executed in bold, abstract patterns.

Flouncy dresses with excess detail and ornate, fussy trim.
Severly tailored dresses.
Overly fitted dresses with crisp or animated detail.


Bold shapes with sweeping lines.Shoulder emphasis.
Easy necklines.
Bold prints.
Glitzy fabric.
Smooth fabric.
Slightly plush fabric.
Ultradrapable fabric (matte jersey, etc.)
Either minimal detail or bold, broad detail.

Broad-shoulder gowns with dropped waists
Widely cut, unconstructed gowns of draped fabric (matte jersey, silk, etc.)
Evening pants ensembles (long, bed jackets with wide-legged satin pajama pants, etc.)
Bare gowns with bold jewelry
Evening sarongs
Evening caftans
Evening sweater dresses with glitz



  1. Before i thought i was soft natural but turns out i'm soft dramatic but sometimes i find myself leaning towards dramatic clothes instead. So i think the people that were typed as flamboyant natural are soft dramatic.

  2. Your posts about kibbe types are older so I don't know how you think about them now...and though I have also had my issues with kibbe I still find it useful. In your photos your facial features remind me of Maria Callas. She is typed as soft dramatic. What's great about her is that she is one of the few celebrities that has been both overweight and very thin. So that you can see how that type looks in a wide spectrum of weight. I found this page

    1. Thank you! I find soft dramatic most appealing :-D
      Yes, I know my information is VERY old, but it's all I have.