Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Body shape

The quest to dress the hardest body shape

Spoon is like pear, with smaller upper body and wider hips, but the difference is that when a pear gets wider downward, the spoon hips don't. I suppose the difference is that a pear has normal or low hips and a normal or long waist, a spoon high hips and short waist.

These shapes are also called bell, triangle, A shape - these shapes are actually a bit different from both spoons and pears, as they don't have much of a waist.

Sometimes a spoon can be a bottom hourglass - if the short waist is very small and defined - but Spoon is NOT the same as figure 8. Figure 8 is to hourglass shape what spoon is to pear.
Hourglass - X - normal to long waist, normal to low hips - figure 8 - short waist, high hips
Sometimes figure 8 is also called a vase

The people with wider top than bottom are usually classified as inverted triangle or V-shaped or strawberries.

The people with wider top than bottom and a short waist/high hips are vases.
Wider top than bottom, a medium or long waist and medium or low hips - cornet or cone
the people with wider top than bottom, and a small, defined waist - top hourglass - cello
Broad shoulders and no waist - goblet

Then there are the straight people
Ruler or rectangle or H or I or boyish or straight or brick or column
lollipop is a straight figure with big boobs, and usually rather narrow shoulders.

apples are either
ovals (Not ellipse, but egg-shaped - top heavier than bottom, big waist - and with "top" one means shoulders)
or diamonds - top smaller than bottom, big waist - again, with "top" one means shoulders.
Both ovals and diamonds can have big boobs.
Now, I would rather define top heavy apples as apples and bottom heavy as eggs (or ovals), because we usually think of eggs as the wider part as bottom and the narrower as top.

And it is NOT about measurements! This is all about the SHAPE of the body, see from straight ahead or behind. This is a question of width of shoulders, chest, waist and hips; whether these shapes are connected with straight or curved lines and whether these lines are straight or tapered.
Start by seeing which part of your body is widest and which is narrowest. Normally people have smaller waist than chest and hips, even when one doesn't have much definition or when one does have a lot of belly.
Also, the length and shape of legs and arms and neck are totally irrelevant, as is the height of the person, whether the person is overweight or underweight, and everything else that's going on outside the torso. This is a question of shapes. A rectangle is a rectangle how wide it ever is, an ellipse is an ellipse, a triangle a triangle.

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