Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ranting more about Kibbe :-D

Of these ladies, Kibbe has classified 6 as Dramatic and 6 as Theatrical Romantic or Romantic.
Romantic and Dramatic are the extreme ends of the yin-yang-spectrum of physical characteristics. That means, that Dramatics have dramatic facial features, extreme yang - sharp or broad, high cheekbones, very special facial features, like big or sharp noses, small or narrow eyes - could also be excessively big, huge eyes, like Joan Crawford, otherwise yang faces are almost manly faces.
My husband defines a yang face as "having character, being interesting" and yin face as "boring". (I have a yang face :-D)
The Romantics have this yin face. Round or heart shaped, short, childlike, with round or delicate, small features, big, feminine eyes, small nose, lush mouth, soft, applecheeks, dimples, you know, the classical idea of feminine beauty.
Now, Theatrical Romantics are only slightly sharper than Romantics. Romantics are all curves and kittens, Theatricals have some sharpness in bone structure.

So, take a guess. Which of these ladies would pass as men? Which of these ladies could be called less beautiful, in the classical, pretty, girlish kind of way. You know, Disney princess kind of way.

I would have guessed five of the six right, and the last one wrong.
I don't understand why Hedy Lamarr is "Theatrical Romantic" but Lana Turner "Dramatic".
What's Dramatic in her?
What's not yin in her lush, round mouth, round apple cheeks, cute little nose and chin... she even has dimples!

But - according to Kibbe she obviously belongs in the same groups as Anjelica Huston, Tilda Swinton and Cher.

And here's how Lana Turner got older:

Here's how Kathleen Turner got older.

They are both identified as Dramatic by Kibbe.

 I wonder if he makes decisions like this to ensure he will have business, because this type identification system isn't very systematic and logical...

Also, this is Hedy Lamarr:

"Theatrical Romantic body type (flesh)
Soft and voluptuous, although trim and smallish (as opposed to wide and bulky).
Hourglass figure;curvy bustline and hips with a waspish waist."
Er... how is that "soft and voluptious"? "Hourglass figure"? "Curvy bustline"? "Waspish waist"?


  1. Some in the book were placed in the wrong spot due to mistakes on the editor's part. Natalie Wood, for instance--he recently told some clients that she is SG. I can see Lana Turner being something other than dramatic.

  2. Such a pity the book wasn't better proofread by Kibbe, then :-. I mean, I have a lot of confidence in him, what he says makes perfect sense and he seems to know what he is talking about... so things like this make it very confusing. :-(

    I can understand Natalie Wood... I was thinking about her looking very much like a Soft Gamine when I was collecting the images for my celebrity collage :-D So, thank you for the confirmation :-)

  3. Em they do have the manly wibe in them an Lamar do has that theatrical romantic face and look like she ia soft but her look in the eye gives some danger.As for the Cathleen and the other one maybe they are more dramatic clasic so it is not so severe but rather well balanced also.But their look and demeanor is certainly not sweet or rounded. It is not an exact science you need to look at the overal vibe the peron gives and maybe try to imagine them in romantic or gamine clothes nooo it wouldnt work but clasic maybe more so so dramatic clasic I would say...