Thursday, November 20, 2014

Flamboyant Natural example from Kibbe's book 'Metamorphosis'

Marcia is a large woman with big bones and slightly wide, blunt features, (strong Yang with blunt edges). When she came to my studio, she had some difficulty understanding that her largeness was an asset rather than the liability many Flamboyant Naturals are brainwashed into accepting as their lot. To me, largeness equals drama, and broad bones simply provide more room for displaying exciting clothes and accessories! I set out to help Marcia realize the stunning potential her strong physicality suggested.

My prescription for her metamorphosis: Create an appearance that is bold, free, and wild, filled with drama, life, and vitality. Her clothing shapes are strong geometrics with blunt edges (not sharp). Their outlines are relaxed and unconstructed, with sturdy accessories. Her jewelry is big, bulky, and extremely artistic. Lightweight textures layer well and give an exciting quality that adds enormous interest to the fabric.

Marcia's naturally curly hair is layered into a loose mane, lightly blown for maximum fullness and freedom, which is in keeping with her fresh and bold total look. Her hair had been tinted into a light strawberry, a few shades lighter than her original color. I felt she needed a bit more strength here, so we made the color slightly deeper and richer, turning it into a light auburn instead.

Marcia's makeup, chosen from a clear, yellow-based palette, complements her warm, vibrant coloring. The products are primarily matte, with smoky neutrals brightened by a hint of strong color and blended into softly angular shapes.

Vibrant, alive, bold, and filled with warmth and power, Marcia is now clearly visible as the joyous free spirit she truly is!

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