Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kibbe's Flamboyant Natural: Soft Yang with Blunt Edges

Prime Celebrity Example: Shirley MacLaine

Your position on the Yin/Yang scale is: strong Yang with blunt edges (not sharp).

Physically, you are broad or long, and angular. Your features are prominent and strong, without being sharp or severe. Innately, you are bold, charismatic, innovative, creative, and impulsive, totally devoted to action. You are also open, warm, friendly, and not at all reserved-- very approachable.

You will definitely want to read both the Natural and Dramatic sections of this book, and you will find yourself identifying at times with elements of each. However, please remember, you are not an equal combination of the two categories. 
Always bear in mind that you are a Natural first and foremost!
Your Dramatic undercurrent should always be used as an afterthought to further spice-up and add bold strokes to your appearance. It is not a substitution. It is an addition to express that extra bit of Yang present in your being.

To express your strong Yang with blunt edges total essence, we want to develop an appearance that could best be described as : Free Spirit Chic.

Your silhouette is boldly unconstructed, composed of oversized or irregular geometric shapes with soft edges (not sharp).
Lines are relaxed and sweeping, always executed in bold strokes, with an emphasis on the strongly vertical and strongly horizontal.

Stiff tailoring and severe lines should be left by the wayside, for they will be extremely cold and stark on you, totally out of keeping with your warmth and openness. They will also make you appear awkward and gawky, for you have too much broadness to be successfully encompassed by sleek and narrow clothing.

Detail should be plain and simple. Nothing fussy or overdone would be in keeping with your Natural sensibilities.
Loose and uncluttered necklines (boat necks, large cowls, deep V's, etc.) and simple lapels, cuffs, and hemlines are the foundation of your look.
Shoulders will always be broad, although here again they should not be sharp.

Your accessories, however, should be extremely bold. Here is where your Dramatic undercurrent gets to have free reign! Oversized and exotic necklaces, earrings, wrist cuffs, and the like, are stunning on you.
Your wild passion is especially well expressed by striking ethnic pieces, which are considered works of art. The only rule is that the shapes are always chunky-- geometrics that have soft edges or are irregularly shaped. Extremely large costume jewelry that is offbeat and funky is also a nice way of expressing your raucous sense of humor.

Shoes and bags, coming from the Yang side, should generally be angular. However, once again we want to avoid sharp edges and keep the detail minimal. Any unstructured shapes will always work best for you.

Your hairstyle should combine high-style sophistication with tousled freedom. Layering is always necessary, which provides the freshness and avoids a sharp outline. The overall shape of the cut is geometric, but it must never be hard-edged or severe! Asymmetry is possible, but an overly stylized approach will seem very artificial and phony on you-- stuffy is another way of putting it! Depending on the texture of your hair, it can be either long or short.
If your hair is very fine and wispy (which may have come from the extra yang you inherited), a short cut that is layered off the face is best.
If your hair is thick and full, by all means go for the "lion's mane" look if you have the courage!
One word of caution: If your hair is of the ultrathin variety, don't try to make it appear thicker with perms and waves. They'll only give you a scraggly look. Far better to layer it around the face in the shorter cut, which gives more of an illusion of volume.

Makeup should be strongly contoured in shape, emphasizing strong eyes, strong lips, strong cheekbones, but not overly colorful.
An exotic eye makeup is a nice touch, but avoid colors that are too artificial-looking and excess glitz.
On the other hand, makeup that is too minimal in effect is very unsophisticated on you. Your head-to-toe look-- bold and sweeping, uncluttered with exotic accessories-- requires the extra effort here to be completed in the most polished and sophisticated manner.

This is the best way for the world to see you at your charismatic best. We always want to know that you are a risk-taker and an adventurer, someone who will always have an original approach to anything you encounter in life.

Your stark quality becomes evident when you clearly express your bold and daring nature as well as your warm and open personality in your appearance. When you dare to express the full range of your strength and flexibility, you are utterly approachable and perfectly sophisticated at the same time!

Your passion excites us, your openness attracts us, and your powerful charisma inspires us. Become comfortable with these qualities to the point where they effortlessly flow from you. Express them in your appearance with delight!

Then, we are the most captive audience you could possibly receive. We are absolutely dying to know "which mountain you'll be moving next"-- and believe me, once your free spirit is clearly visible, we'll be lining up to help you move it!

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