Thursday, November 20, 2014

Flamboyant Natural from head to toes: jewelry

"Your accessories, however, should be extremely bold. Here is where your Dramatic undercurrent gets to have free reign! Oversized and exotic necklaces, earrings, wrist cuffs, and the like, are stunning on you.
Your wild passion is especially well expressed by striking ethnic pieces, which are considered works of art. The only rule is that the shapes are always chunky-- geometrics that have soft edges or are irregularly shaped. Extremely large costume jewelry that is offbeat and funky is also a nice way of expressing your raucous sense of humor."

"Her jewelry is big, bulky, and extremely artistic."

"Your jewelry is one of the most important elements of your entire look. It shows your sophistication as well as giving you the chance to express your creativity. Bold, heavy pieces are essential to you.
Chunky shapes that are thick, rough, or asymmetric are always necessary.
"Wearable art" that looks as if you picked it up at an expensive gallery, or on a journey overseases, is excellent.
(Anything that seems as though it was designed by an artists, or creatively crafted, falls into this category as well.)
Your version of conservative jewelry is thick and chunky metal in irregular shapes or shoft-edged geometrics.
Your version of glamourous jewelry is wildly executed "faux jewel" pieces -- very sophiticated works of art!
Funky costume jewelry is fun for you, but it's for your casual look.

Just remember to keep it big and bold.

(Now, all of these are necklaces, but the focal point of FN is on the hips - so it doesn't make any sense to put all this above the waistline... it should be on the hip height - as rings and bangles, as hip belt buckles, as brooches fastened on trousers or skirt or low waistband... Sounds like bellydance belts would work for FN extremely well... )


Delicate, antique jewelry
Ornate, intricate jewelry.

sharp-edged geometrics.

Small, symmetrical pieces.

"No jewelry" of minimal looks.

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