Thursday, November 20, 2014

Flamboyant Natural - physical profile

(Natural with a Dramatic undercurrent)

NOTE: The following information should be taken as a broad outline of what makes a Flamboyant Natural. It is the overall combination of the strong Yang with blunt edges (bold, strong physicality combined with a free spirit) that creates this Image Identity category. Therefore, slight deviation here or there is always possible and should not be worried over if it does not upset your Yin/Yang balance.


Moderate to very tall, usually 5 feet 5 inches and over.

Bone structure:

Large and angular with blunt edges.
Broad and square bones.
Wide shoulders.
Long arms and legs.
Large hands and feet (usually somewhat wide, but they may also be narrow, with long fingers and toes).
Broad or prominent facial contours (nose, cheeks, jaw - blunt, not sharp).

Body type:

Straight and angular (broad, not sharp).
Arms and legs tend toward musculature.
Bust and hips tend to be flat or straight (unless very overweight).

Facial features:

Broad, blunt and open.
Eyes may be very large and open or very straight and small.
Lips will be straight and slightly thin.
Cheeks will usually be taut, unless overweight.

Tends toward extreme textures: either very straight and fine, or very thick and coarsely wavy/curly.

Any coloring is possible (warm or cool, high-contrast or blended), although Flamboyant Naturals tend to have skin that either freckles or suntans quite easily.

If overweight:
Body tends to become square and stocky, and the face becomes fleshy and puffy. Extreme excess weight will collect primarily from the waist down.

A Flamboyant Natural will not:
*Have a voluptuous body type with a curvy bust and hip-line
*Have an hourglass figure
*Have delicate facial features with small or sharp bones
*Have exotic facial features
*Be extremely petite
*Be symmetrical in body type, bone structure or facial features
*Have a sharp or extremely narrow bone structure

Kibbe's prime Flamboyant Natural celebrity- Shirley MacLaine

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