Thursday, November 20, 2014

Flamboyant Natural from head to toes: accessories

ACCESSORIES:Accessories should be bold and angular with soft edges.

Shoes and bags, coming from the Yang side, should generally be angular.
However, once again we want to avoid sharp edges and keep the detail minimal.
Any unstructured shapes will always work best for you.

Shoes tailored and angular, but have soft edges instead of sharp ones.  (See how this translate to the soft edges in facial structure?)
Flats can be clean and simple or man-tailored and slightly funky.  Evening sandals should be very bare.

Overly delicate, strappy, and intricate shoes with trim. Plain pumps.

Should be large and unconstructed or large and cleanly tailored. Metallic box-shaped bags are excellent for evening. briefcases should be moderate width to elegantly narrow, and have firm construction.

Should be original and unique: sashes, ties, metallics, ropes, etc. Wide belts with extremely bold buckles (hand carved, asymmetric, etc) are possible.

Small symmetrical belts. Antique, intricate belts.

Should be Oversized, bold, and unconstructed. Fur hats should be large and shaggy.

Severe, man tailored styles. Small ornate styles. Crisp, perky hats.

A flesh toned stocking is your best bet for daytime, suited looks. Colored stockings are funky on you and give a wild, free, casual effect. Ribbed stockings , all textures, and vivid opaque colors are all excellent for fun. To retain your strong vertical silhouette, be sure to pick up the stocking color elsewhere in your outfit and accesories when you use the "bright leg" look. Dark, sheer stockings aer sexy in the evening on you, but they can seem overpowering during the day. Likewise, a light leg where the stocking and shoe are one or two shades lighter than the skirt can be elegant in a very special outfit (very "garden party") but it can be too fussy for everyday wear, as it will be too matronly on you!

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