Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Von Luschan's scale

This is Felix von Luschan's skin color chart. I find it hard to imagine any living person would have skin color below 14. Perhaps Snow White, very pale porcelain skinned red heads and albinos. Perhaps.

Type von Luschan scale Also called
I 1–5 Very light or white, “Celtic” type[2]
II 6–10 Light or light-skinned European[2]
III 11–15 Light intermediate, or dark-skinned European[2]
IV 16–21 Dark intermediate, also “Mediterranean” or “olive skin”[2]
V 22–28 Dark or “brown” type
VI 29–36 Very dark or “black” type

I fall in to the class V - "Dark or brown type". That is, darker than your average Mediterranean person... Er... Felix... I don't think so.
also, these skin tones are very yellow. When I change the tone to match mine, I get these "white" and "black" - that is - blue.

Felix says that not only am I "brown", I also have a cool skin tone. Er... I really don't think so.

So - Felix was very wrong.
"The von Luschan scale was largely abandoned by the early 1950s, replaced instead by methods utilizing reflectance spectrophotometry."

(Well... if you go down the discussion on that page, there is another, darker version of this:

On that chart I'm 11, "Light intermediate, or dark-skinned European", which sounds more like it.

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