Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kibbe types

Here we have three ladies:Arlene Dahl, Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman

Arlene is classified by Kibbe as "Romantic", Grace as "Classic" and Ingrid as "Natural".

Why? They look very much the same. Grace has eyes a little wider apart than the other two, Ingrid has a little less balanced, symmetrical face, Arlene is slightly rounder.

Here's their bodies and hands (as far as I could find images):

Arlene's measurements: 35-22 1/2-35 and height: 5'6"

Here's the description of Kibbe's ROMANTIC woman.

Arlene has very slender, long fingers and hands, legs and arms. She is not hourglass-figured, and not especially big busted. She seems to have the most angular and wide shoulders of these three ladies.

Grace's measurements: 34 B - 24 - 35 and height: 5'7"

Here's a description of Kibbe's CLASSIC woman

Ingrid's measurements: 34 C - 24 - 34 and height: 5'9"

Here is the description of Kibbe's NATURAL type

I just don't see it. Ingrid is not angular and square in any way. She has soft, round shoulders, very beautiful, feminine hands, and she is very tall for a woman of her time.

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  1. Here is a possible explanation the way I see it. Arlene?s face is predominantly romantic, but it has some natural features to it, the lips are a bit larger although romantically defined and the side chin has some yang to it, but still much more romantic. Where the natural part plays out is more in the body, the shoulders and the torso and the hands. COuld she something like a romantic with the natural undercurrent? Or maybe she is romantic drammatic, that would go a little bit better.Grace Kelly also has some natural features to me at least. Her face is a little bit wider and her body also has some robustness to it. But she is, at least in the face predominantly classic. Ingrid is to me more romantic, maybe romantic-natural but for sure not predominantly natural. Sge has allot of softness to her it is obvious so maybe classic-romantic in the face with more natural body, she is a tough one for sure. But my opinion for the first woman is now definitely romantic-dramatic.