Monday, November 11, 2013


Ok, so I'm back in to temperaments.

I saw one of these temperament infograms on Pinterest, and it mentioned "test", and I can't resist a test.

So I took it, and this time it said that my temperament is ESTJ.
I KNOW it's not.
So - what is it, then?

I'm pretty sure I'm NJ, but is it INFJ, INTJ, ENFJ or ENTJ.

INTJ I am not! I don't recognize myself from much anything there.

I was pretty sure I was introvert, so I went to read INFJ description, and some of it sounded reasonable descriptions of me, but then I went to see ENFJ, just to be sure, and BOOM! That's me. Almost every word could have been said about me!
My husband read the description and said, that "Yes, when you were younger, but not so much now..."
So I went to read "unhealthy ENFJ".
That's me. I am depressed, tired, sick and suffering from PTSD.

So I am sanguine, enneagram 3, DYT type 1, extrovert, ENFJ.

Edited  23/11-13 - No, I'm not enneagram 3 :-D I'm 4w5, the Bohemian :-D

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