Sunday, November 24, 2013

A little rant >:->

When looking for information about ingénues, I found some a-hole's blog where he, self proclaimed Alpha, was telling his readers how to deal "femmes fatales", among them "Eternal Ingenue".

I am one of these ingénues.
I, too, have a "daddy's little girl" complex. I married a big brother to protect me and to father me.
I have noticed how men want to protect me. I awaken the father instinct in them.
But "books and talk and advice are beta"? Idiot. If he thinks that, he's a boy, not an Alpha male. He's not worth playing my dad. He's not worth my looking up to him with big, innocent eyes, admiring, amazed by his brilliance and wisdom. By his capacity to provide for me. By his skills, experience and confidence. He doesn't have any. He's just a lot of talk, and he sees women as play things, because he's just a child still. Alpha, my ass. No wonder he can't keep any women.

I am not only an ingénue, you know. I'm also an Alpha. And I recognize another Alpha when I see one. And this idiot is not one. He's just a wannabe, so he's pretending, playing an alpha male, doing all the things he believes alpha males do, saying all the things he assumes alphas should say. Having pissing contests and sparring and boasting, but if a true alpha would enter the stage, he would shut up as quickly as all the others - or would, if he had any grip of reality.

I really dislike alpha wannabes.


  1. learn to provide for yourself and give back rather than just taking. your big innocent eyes are worth nothing, hon. it's a wild world out there. contribute.

  2. I'm sorry I didn't notice your comment earlier. It would have been better to answer at least a year ago :-D

    I find it interesting that you are assuming I don't provide for myself, that I'm just taking and not contributing. More about your prejudices and interpretation than my attitudes.

    I can't help having big, innocent eyes, neither can I help the effect that have on men. And they are worth a lot... more if I wanted to. >:-> You know, having something and using it are two different things... and one can use a tool many different ways.

    That I am drawn to "big brothers" doesn't mean that I am sitting on my fat ass waiting for a big brother to come and save me. :-D I am fully capable of providing for myself, supporting myself and saving myself. I just appreciate that ability in men, and being who I am means that I do look at those who exhibit the qualities I appreciate with wide-eyed admiration and awe. Can't help it. :-D Not expecting anything for exchange, it's not calculated, it's just something I do, and I have noticed it has an effect, which I COULD use for my advantage, if I was that kind of a person. But gold-diggers are not ingenues, and ingenues are not gold-diggers.

    Yes, I married a big brother and an alpha, and I wouldn't need to support myself nor contribute. But, you know, I want to... it is boring to just sit on your ass and be pretty. :-D Been there, done that, managed like 15 minutes. Besides, I have ambitions and dreams as well as any other human being, and I know I'm the only one who can take me there, even when there are others ready to do that for me. After all, the only way to be able to do things, is to do things.

    Also... one doesn't need to be tough and hard to get anywhere.