Friday, November 8, 2013

I am such a pushover...

It's nicer to say that I'm very agile :-D I am a chameleon, a "Pretender", I can be anything. But the truth is that I'm impressionable. I read these descriptions of DYT (Dressing Your Truth) types, and immediately recognize myself in every one.

I read the descriptions of Kibbe types and everything else out there, and I recognize myself in them.

At the same time I WANT TO BE certain types, and get sad when I don't "fit the description".
I "can't be" gamine because I am not little and dainty, like my sister.
I can't be "romantic" because I'm top heavy, carrot shaped, an apple, have short waist, flat bottom and tapered hips. But - I do have a waist. I do have bottom. There is a picture of me dressed for the "old timers" dance, 1987, and sure, the dress is basque waisted, but that shouldn't alone be able to give me that curve on waist... So I don't think I'm quite as square and flat as I imagine I am.

But that face... I'd say soft, feminine, romantic... Type 2.

They say the type doesn't change... this is me at 2, 7 and 17. I think the curls fit me better than that straight bob, and that bow on top of my two years old head looks silly and slightly malplaced... And the blouse in that 17 picture doesn't fit me at all. Those colors make my nose look huge and my teeth really yellow. (They ARE yellow, but not quite that yellow! :-D That smile is still type 1, I'd say. But what do I know?

Here's other two: me at about 20. Very soft and romantic and smooth, isn't it? Type 2?

This is me summer 2012, with our dog. I do have some ass and some waist, even when I'm practically carrot shaped. A very thick carrot, that is... Do you think I'm overly self-critical about my looks? Perhaps I am... But I think I could rock the romantic and Type 1.

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