Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dress Your Truth... But what is it?

Me at the age of about 7, about 30 and now, at 44. (44 1/2 :-D)

I have to say that only that face at 7 says "Type 1", the older face says "Type 2". I see the softness, romantic, feminine, old-fashioned feeling. I also see they greyness. I see the S-curves. I see the drop shapes and wavy lines. My eyes are hooded and the outer point is lower down than the inner point. My face is more oval. I see the heart shape in my face when I was 7, but I don't even recognize the 7-years-old in me now. My apple cheeks are more drop shaped than round. My nose is "fleshy", tear-shaped, with that lovely S-curve, the { of my nosetip, that I have always loved. :-D
{} are called braces, flower brackets, French brackets, curly brackets, definite brackets, swirly brackets, curly braces, birdie brackets, Scottish brackets, squirrelly brackets, gullwings, seagulls, squiggly brackets, Tuborg brackets, accolades, or fancy brackets.
In Swedish they are called clamp brackets, lace brackets, curly brackets, gullwings, accolades or moustache brackets :-D
The "Tuborg brackets" in Danish is because Tuborg, the beer brewing company, used to have a umbrella over the driver in their carriages, that had that shape - they were square, with curved edges, and a pointy top.

Anyway, there's a lot of curves and palmettes and paisley going on on my face. :-D

I made my hubby take some pictures of me, dressed in something like the different types... Now, of course I think I look absolutely horrendous in each one of them, but best in T2, I think. Or perhaps the first one, Autumn.

That first one is ok, too, but the flowery dress and flowers in my hair... I get a pear-shaped face, mad gleen in my eyes, I hate my gummy smile, and that horrible line that my cheeks and chin create on the lower part of my face. It looks like I don't have any teeth, when I'm not smiling!
My eyes look like small, black holes, and I seem to have a constant surprised look on my face.
But my smile is very bright, I smile with my whole face, my mouth is heart shaped when I smile and I show my teeth and gums. I hate it, but it's a type 1 smile.
Also, I didn't feel awkward in any of those clothes. I love the happy girlishness of that flowery dress (though i doubt I can ever wear it again, now that I know how bad it makes me look.) I love that fox scarf in the first picture. That grey long sleeved T is one of my favorite tops, I love the aquarell colors of the shawl, and even though the jacket in the last picture is not mine, the black dress is my perfect cut - it makes me look amazing - and that scarf is dotted and really soft and lovely. 

One "good" think about the lines my cheeks and chin create is that it's sort of a shamrock, clubs, three circles... I suppose that's T1 lines.

Also, the inability to choose and stick to it, to be all the time open for possibilities, that's typical T1 as well :-D

BUT - I have been described as "the cliff", something balanced and steady, something reliable, something soothing and calming, people feel comfortable with me. I care most in a party that everyone has what they need and enjoy themselves, have good time, are comfortable and at ease. I am the one in the kitchen baking and cooking and making beverages, and there's always too much food at my parties. I have been called very feminine, very woman, a temple dancer, a geisha, graceful, pleasing, pleasant... but also able to speak with anyone. I find people fascinating and interesting, not just fascinating people. :-D I care about comfort but also about looks. My home is a mess, I have a lot of interesting stuffs, I am bit of a magpie, but I also collect things that can be used to something. And I pile things. I list things.
I have been called family mascot, always happy, always glad, light, carefree, fun to be with, lighthearted.  So I don't know. I think I'm 1/2.
But... there's a lot in 3 too, where I fit.
Bah. What ever :-D

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I'd say 1/2 from your personal description. I've been trying to fit into her system since 2014, and I'm supposedly a Type 4 physically, but I definitely don't fit into the Type 4 personality except for the introversion. I'm too relaxed and casual to ever be a Type 4, maybe an introverted, quiet Type 1. You can't tell someone's "energy" or personality from the way they look.

    Fortunately, T4 chroma works for me, but so do a lot of the colors in other palettes. I've seen gold jewelry with black, and it looks just fine (although I personally prefer silver). Cool gray works well with black, as does taupe, but only T2s are allowed those. Whatever.

    I'm with you. Bah!