Sunday, November 10, 2013

People have been busy...

I finally realized something. I am to use the colors of my skin, eyes and hair, and the patterns, lines and structure of my skin, face and body. Everything else is irrelevant. It doesn't matter if it's classified as "soft classic" or "amber spring", it's what suits me best and best helps me "express my beauty". :-D

Anyway, as people like to classify things, I learned today that there is apparently iris patterns that fit the four different color analysis seasons.

Winter types are to have very clear and structured spokes in their eyes. The lines start in the middle and take you all the way to the edges, there's symmetry there. It can be a spoke wheel or petal shape, but it's very ordered and precise pattern.

Springs have the dancing curls of sun flares. Spring eyes are not symmetrical, but rather chaotic. Springs could have the light, bright ring in their irises.Spring eyes are bright, clear and shiny. Spring has the biggest contrast between eyewhites and iris, sometimes unreal contrast.

Autumn has "Aztec Sun" pattern; that is, there seems to be geometric patterns, usually triangles, in their irises. They also have "freckles", flecks in their eyes. Autumn eyes are rather wild, a bit of leopard spotted, uneven, with strong structure and colors. The color is deep, warm and rich,

Summers have "broken glass" pattern, very fine, spidery, subtle ripple pattern. If the pupil, iris and eyewhite change softly from one to another, and then on to the skin around the eye. Summer has the smallest contrast between eyewhites and iris. There is something soft and dreamy about their eyes.

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