Thursday, October 24, 2013

Well... apparently I'm lying.

You see, *I* see the green in my eyes very clearly. My husband wonders where I see the green, because there is no green in my eyes. Oh. Huh. Ok. He's entitled to his opinion, isn't he :-D

my lips didn't get in last post, so here they are.

This is my beautiful "every other hair silver, every other hair gold"
like the princess' hair in H.C.Andersen's fairytale. 
With other words; mouse-y, dishwater, country road greyish what-ever

And this is my lovely peaches-and-cream skin. Or rather greyish, I think
I suppose one should see the color of veins here, but I can't see much of them.
And apparently one cannot trust my color eye, so we go by what my husband says,
and he says the veins are green, or greenish teal.

About this color:

I'm OK with that. Love that color!

Ths is as I see my eye.
It's a color enhanced photo.
This is my eye as my husband sees it. Un-enhanced.
You can see the green, can't you? 
Apparently it's an optical illusion...

This is my eye today. 
Very dark today.
Maybe because I'm wearing dark indigo blue and white yukata.

Anyway... it seems to me that this is my Zyla eye colors:
The lightest is sort of green grey, the darkest is very dark brown, 
and the "ring around the eye" is pure grey. So "my black" is grey. Interesting.


  1. Oh wow. Your eyes are like mine! There aren't a lot of us around. I too see a lot of green in my eyes, but I see the inner "brown" as more orange. Luckily, my partner sees these colours too. You can see my eyes here. Like yours? Yes? No?

  2. Hi, Charlotte!

    I'm sorry I didn't notice your comment earlier - yes, like mine, the rest of your colors seem to me like mine as well :-)