Friday, October 18, 2013

Experimenting with colors

I was inspired by "Snugbug" and her color portraits.

This is me, without make-up, with my natural hair color, some 15 years ago :-)  
My hair is dark ash blonde, honey blonde, caramel, light brown with a clear reddish tint in sunlight. And usually it has no color at all. It's pure grey. It's really interesting, actually :-D
Dishwater, mouse-y, dirt road color...
My skin has a grey tone too, I think. Certain pinkness... I think my skin is surprisingly light considering I'm a dark blonde with dark eyes and eyebrows, and also that I get olive green when I get tanned, not bronze-y, like most "Springs".  
My eyes are hazel, golden brown, amber (or topaz) in the middle and sage green on the edge.

I have tested this with fabrics and clothes of different colors myself when I was young (back at 80's, or when this thing came out :-D) and could only say one thing for certain. I'm warm, either "spring" or "autumn". I thought I was "autumn", because all the "springs" at that time were golden California blondes with blue or green eyes (or Irish strawberry blondes), and I don't look like that. My mother and sister do. 
Also, I love the "Spring" palette, and use those colors when I paint... I somehow thought that I couldn't possibly be "Spring", because I wanted to be "Spring" :-D Now I think that if I'm not "spring", I don't care, and use those colors anyway, because I love them :-D

Here's my Zyla colors (I'm a bit unhappy, because I came by this theory 20 years ago, I just didn't know it wasn't general knowledge... and now it's "Zyla colors".)

I am not OK with those hair colors, though... I think my hair is a bit different.

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