Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shades of White

David Zyla says that one should get some paint chips and see which shade of white makes your skin look best. Both my husband and I agree on that it's these whites, with a little bit of pink or peach in them.

Snow is actually derived of pure red. It has only a hint of color in it, just a drop of blood one could say.

Sea shell is orange, almost in the middle of the pure red of snow and the muted yellow-orange of Old Lace.

Old Lace is the "dirtiest" of these whites, with most color and also the color there is in this is a bit dull, and not pure.

Don't you think that "Old Lace" and "Snow" are "summer" palettes, and not for "spring"? Old lace is actually very warm and more "autumn" than "summer", and the periwinkle in "Snow" palette is a "spring" color...

I might be an "autumn" anyway... but I kind of don't care ;-)

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