Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spring Seasonal Color

I found Moda's suggestions on which colors go with which neutral colors, and first on the list was grey.
I am a "Spring", so my greys are very warm greys, but I can wear grey. Autumns can't, because the grey enhances the greyness of their muted tones too much.

I have talked about the greys earlier, when I talked about seasonal color theory.

These are the warm and cool greys - what you get when you mix some yellow or blue to neutral, middle gray, gray that is not cool nor warm. Those blueish greys are for "Summers", and warm greys for "Springs".

With grey Moda suggests you wear "sea green", "salmon", "chiffon", "lavender" and "navy".

 Sea Green is the blue-green sea water seems to be under the surface.

Salmon is, naturally, the color of salmon flesh.
Now, it can differ from greyish pale pink to bright orange, depending on what the fish has eaten and what it has done during its lifetime. The brighter, darker color, the better quality fish.
Chiffon yellow is the yellow from a lemon chiffon cake.

Lavender is not a "Spring" color, but there are shades of lavender - or light purple
 - that work for "Springs".
I put the navy in this palette as well.
Periwinkle is a very good color for "Springs", and works well with grey too.

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