Friday, May 18, 2012

colorscope and french braid

Paper source colorscope: how does it work? You choose the color(s) you like best. One or two. If you can't decide, take three, but not more.
I chose peacock and papaya.

Oh... On the other hand, I like the least colors like beet, fuchsia, black and paper bag, and those say about the same thing... so... Hmm...

What ever. What I found most interesting is that when I was choosing, I copied this picture on my PSP, and removed the colors I like least, and ended up with Spring colors (Spring as in "color me beautiful")... :-D
Now, that says more about me, I think. I love the spring colors.

I like this one: "your smile alone can brighten a day" :-)

1000 days of hair, day 2

Now, I won't post a picture of my french braid, but here's a tutorial on how to do it yourself. It's not as difficult as it seems... take your time and practice, and you'll see it's really easy.

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