Thursday, May 17, 2012

1000 days of hair

I have read somewhere that you can see how straight your hair is, if you wet it and then let it dry lying on a paper. Mine dries slightly curvy. Not S-waves, but C :-D
So I assume my hair is straight with a slight body wave. So 1b

My hair is really, really fine. F

The circumference of my ponytail is about 6 cm. So the volume is normal. I don't have thin hair :-) Yippee! I have believed I have for the last 30 years! YAY!
So - ii

1bFii - fine, straight and normal thick

Alas, the 1000 days of hair haven't updated for over a year, so I assume it can be counted as dead. :-(

So - Today, 17th of May 2012, I start my 1000 days of hair.
11th of February, 2015, will be the last day. That's also my sister's 56th birthday.

I am Ketutar and I am a long-hair-wannahave.

Right now my hair is on "bra level" - midback.
"Classic" is a bit too long to my taste, waist or hip length feels all right at the moment. So - the 1000 days sound about right.
So - I won't cut my hair the next 1000 days, except to trim the ends.

I also want to grow my fringes out, and get a nice, clean U shape hem :-)

So - what do I do with my hair?
It's not that long, yet, so I still have the same routine I have always had - and this is about as long as my hair has ever been...

I sleep with loose hair. If I have understood it correctly, I have to stop that. There's a reason why the Victorian ladies slept with braided hair.

I comb my hair in the morning and rip off the tangles quite ruthlessly.
As far as I understand I need to stop that. I need to learn to untangle the tangles very gently with my fingers, use oil or conditioner and gently brush my hair. Or let my husband brush it. ;-)

I like hairdos, and that I have understood is a good thing, to keep the hair off trouble and untangled.

I love "hair toys".

I wash my hair every day if I need to go somewhere, because my skin is quite oily and my hair is really, really fine, so it sucks up the oil in just a blink of an eye. It also sucks up all the oil from my hands, all the dirt and moisture from the air, etc. so at the end of the day it is not clean and shiny, even when I washed it in the morning and had it up all day.

Now, I read that washing the whole length dries the ends up too quickly, so I suppose I need to learn to braid my hair very loosely and then just wash the scalp and try to keep the braid dry...
I'm happy my hair isn't that long yet :-D
[Apparently you can avoid this by first applying a conditioner to your hair, then washing the scalp with prefoamed shampoo (prefoamed - put about a tablespoon of shampoo in a bottle, add about half a cup of water, shake, shake, shake...)

At the moment I wash my hair in shower.
I comb the hair before washing it.
I wash it twice with a regular shampoo. Then put on the conditioner on hair tops only, and comb it with my fingers. I let it stay as I wash the rest of me, then I rinse the hair with cold water, and wash the conditioner off my neck keeping the hair up, so that I won't wash off the conditioner from my hair.

Then I dry my hair by squeezing it, comb it, let it air dry and then I put it up.

Sometimes I put it up when it's not yet dry, because that works like hair spray, keeps the hair tidy.

I don't use any hair products, like hairspray or mousse or so, because I hair the feeling of stuff in my hair. I have Asperger's...

I use weekly oil-and-honey treatments to keep the hair ends unfrizzled, and to keep the hair shiny and pretty.

I also use henna about 4-6 times a year.
I like my hair red :-)

So - that's it.

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