Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We don't need to eat to live

A 200 kilos man from Scotland lived over a year without anything but water and vitamins. He didn't eat anything for over a year! He lost 125 kilos. He didn't die. He didn't develop weird sicknesses and conditions. His intestines didn't stop functioning. Sure, he was under a doctor's surveillance all the time. I haven't been able to verify this story, but it was in Horizon's "Why Aren't Thin People Fat", so I assume it's real. As I haven't been able to verify the story, I don't know whether this guy is still alive and normal weighed, or what medical consequences he got from that.

We are using almost 2000 kronas every month to food. If we ate nothing but water and vitamines, we would save 2000 cronas every month! Amazing!

I wonder what Henric would say...

Of course he got defensive and we have a massive argument. *sigh*

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