Sunday, October 25, 2009

First week is over

It's sunday afternoon, and I have been eating very little the whole week. I have eaten a little yogurt and drank a little juice every day, the rest has been mostly water and a couple of cups of tea.

On Friday evening I allowed myself to eat a little cabbage stew with rye bread - I ate like three forkfulls and two bites of the sandwich, and gave the rest to the dog. I just didn't want to eat more. I also allowed myself 50g of potato chips and 5 cookies, of which I ate the chips and 2 cookies, and it felt too much. I felt like I had eaten a good dinner, that I wasn't refusing myself the goodness of food.

Then on Saturday I was surfing the Bread Baking Babes and Daring Bakers, encountered apple strudel, wanted to make that. (Not eat.) That lead me to pulling noodles in my hands. Unfortunately, one of the videos showing noodle pulling, also showed some Chinese pork pasties, that look exactly like Tatar Peremech pastries, and THOSE are... those are DIVINE!!! I could eat tons of those, and I couldn't make those and not eat all I can.
So I went to the kitchen and tried to make noodles, but I think my dough is too stiff. I threw it away and now I'm going to kitchen to make another batch, with more water this time. :-)

I feel ok, I'm not hungry, I don't have gravings so hard I can't handle them. I want this and that, but it's ok not to have it.

I weighed 106 kilos when I started, now I weigh 102.7

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