Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ok... not eating since Monday

Though it's not 100% not eating. I eat a little yogurt every day, to keep the tummy bacteria in order. But this is day 4 of my no-eat diet. I drink a cup of tea, some juice with added vitamins and such and less sugar, I take my vitamins and extra iron and fish oil capsules, the rest is water. I drink like 2 liters every day.
I haven't lost any weight since Tuesday.
But I also have PMS, so I suppose I'm retaining water. *sigh*
I have lost so far 2 kilos, and 2 kilos a week is GREAT! I should be weighing myself once a week, and not every day. That way I would actually see how I loose weight.

I am not hungry or graving much either. That was a huge surprise to me. I expected it to be harder.
I was thinking about Over-eaters Anonymous, and addiction and abstinence - In OA it is said that being addicted to food is very hard thing to handle, because we have to eat to live.
I was thinking about the Scottish man who didn't eat for over a year.
I think about all of us who are obese, and could stop eating - the amount of damage we do to our bodies when we don't eat is actually less than what we do when we eat too much and when what we eat is unhealthy - too little fibers, too little vitamins and minerals, too much fat, starch and sugar.

My tummy isn't hard and swollen, but soft and sort of flat. I have plenty of tummy fat, so it cannot be flat, but it's not like a full blown balloon, like it often is.

My energy level is very low, I don't sleep well, but that hasn't changed at all from when I started this. I expect the change in my weight and the pills I get from my doctors to take care of my pains and sleeping.

I cannot keep myself warm. I have 2 pairs of wool socks on top of each other and my feet are cold, so cold they hurt. My fingers are cold too. That didn't bother me too much before I started this fasting.

I am very depressed right now, but it can be due to several reasons that has nothing to do with fasting. Let's see how I am after the periods.

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