Sunday, June 15, 2014

David Kibbe's Metamorphosis example test, part II

Body Type (Flesh)

8) The overall shape of my body is best described as:
a. Long, lean, sinewy
b. Broad, tending toward muscular
c. Symmetrical, evenly proportioned
d. Very shapely, a delicate hourglass
e. Very soft, lushly curved, a ripe hourglass

Now, I think Kibbe in reality only gives four alternatives. 

The skinny, bony model body, also called a pillar, a ruler, a banana, pencil, rectangle, straight - there isn't much difference between one's shoulders, ribcage, waist and hips. Thyroid body type, leptosome body type. Some of these women have a pear shaped body, meaning their hips are the widest part of their body, but their hips are then always flat and bony. If your body is "boyish", this is where it belongs according to Kibbe.

The athletic body, inverted triangle, V, strawberry, valkyrie body, top heavy, cornets, lollipops and goblets. This body shape is also called the android body type. The top of the body, shoulders and ribcage are more prominent than the hips. The hips are straight and the bottom flat.

Normal, average body. Chest and hips are about equally wide and there's a waist inbetween. One can be an inverted triangle, pear, hourglass, straight, but the difference is practically unnoticeable.

The hourglass body. Yin bodies are very shapely, curvy, fleshy. 

If you have big breasts, it doesn't mean that you cannot be A or B. Breasts add yin, though, so Dramatic women don't have naturally big breasts. If you have big breasts, add "yin points" to your "flesh" part of the quiz.

The same with weight. Fat doesn't change your body type, but the more you have it, the softer and more yin your body becomes. A fat Dramatic glides to Soft Dramatic, a fat Classic to Soft Classic etc.
The same with being skinny. The less fat you have, the sharper and more yang your body becomes. Skinny women need to add some "yang points".

9) My bustline/torso is best described as:
a. Flat, taut (I never seem to add flesh here, even when I'm overweight.)

b. Wide, broad (I tend to add a little flesh here when overweight, but not much
c. Moderate, in even proportion to my waist and hips
d. Shapely, curved, more prominent than my waistline (My torso is slightly short and I add flesh here, when overweight.)
e. Very prominent, lushly curved (Whether I'm thin or heavy, I'm always "busty.")

10) My waistline is best described as:
a. Elongated, but boyishly tapered (This is true even when I'm overweight.)
 b. Elongated, but tends to be very straight (if thin) or thick (if overweight)
(Both of the following are of Cameron Diaz. That's a model example of type B waist.)
c. Moderate, slightly defined, but not overly cinched

d. Very small, in proportion to my bust and hips
e. Softly defined, but tends to be slightly wide

11) My hipline could best be described as:
a. Tapered, straight, and boyishly narrow
b. Straight, slightly tapered, and slightly wide
c. Moderate, in even proportion to my bust and waistline
d. Shapely and rounded, more pronounced than my waistline

e. Extremely soft and rounded, whatever my weight

12) The flesh on my upper arms and thighs could best be described as:
a. Long, lithe, and sinewy
b. Elongated and tending toward muscular
c. Moderate, neither extremely soft nor extremely muscular or sinewy
d. Soft, slightly short
e. Very soft, slightly wide and fleshy

And now you are done with the second part of the quiz.

To refine the results, you can take the following quiz:
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Ectomorph = a
Mesomorph = b, c
Endomorph = d, e

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