Sunday, June 15, 2014

David Kibbe's Metamorphosis example test, part III

Facial Features
The shape of my eyes is best described as:
a. Narrow, straight, closely spaced, or almond-shaped
b. Narrow, straight, widely spaced
c. Evenly spaced, symmetrical, moderate size
d. Rounded, slightly close together, possibly slightly almond-shaped or up-turned
e. Very round and very large

Deep set eyes and hooded eyes are usually yang features because of the dramatic, angular, sharp, high-contrast effect.
Unless the "hooded eyes" are like Marilyn Monroe's, round and innocent and childlike. Then it's very much a yin feature.

The shape of my lips is best described as:
a. Straight, narrow, sometimes described as "thin-lipped."
b. Straight, strong, slightly broad, but not full
c. Moderate, evenly shaped, neither straight nor overly full
d. Slightly full and rounded

e. Very full, very rounded, and very luscious

The flesh on my cheekbones could best be described as:
a. Taut and flat, even when overweight
b. Fairly taut, but I do tend to get a little "puffy" when I put on weight
c. Moderate, soft, but not puffy
 d. Soft and fleshy, and may bet extremely full with excess weight
e. Very soft, very fleshy, very round, even when I'm at my thinnest

a. Extremely finely textured (silky-smooth), either straight or with a slight bend
b. Strongly textured (coarse, heavy, either thick and straight or wavy/curly
c. Moderate texture, slightly wavy or with a bend
d. Moderately thick, with bend, wave, or curl
e. Extremely thick, with lots of wave or curl (with a soft surface)

Now, Kibbe has nose in facial bone structure, but I think it has a great impact on the impression one gets of a face. I mean... it's right in the middle  there :-D

6) The shape of my nose is best described as:
a. Sharp or prominent
b. Broad or blunt, but on the large side, possibly wide
c. Moderate, symmetrical, netiher overly large nor overly rounded
d. Delicate, tapered, narrow
e. Rounded or softly wide

Some extra help here.

All irregularities add yang to your face, like crooked nose or very dark and prominent eyebrows.
All softness and smoothness, like good skin, add yin.
If your face is symmetrical and mediocre in all ways, it's "balanced" and classic. Every feature that is not average, adds either yin or yang.

Big eyes - yin, small eyes - yang.
Big nose - yang, small nose - yin
Big chin - yang, small chin - yin
soft, round, small ears - yin, big, angular, pointy ears - yang.
Big teeth - yang, small, even teeth - yin
big, square forehead - yang, small, round forehead - yin
widow's peak - yin
square hairline - yang
if your face is extreme, has a lot of texture and angles, furrows and lines, this adds yang.
If your face is lushious and "exotic", has the so called bedchamber eyes, this is yin.

This is Chrishell Stubbs, and in her face you have all the yin features. Soft, smooth skin and cheeks, very lush lips, small nose, big, round eyes, smooth, regular, fine eyebrows, soft, round, small ears, tiny, round chin.

Here's Glenn Close, who is very yang in her features. Fine hair, relatively small eyes, big mouth, not much lips, nice big nose, strong jaw, high cheekbones, low eyebrows...

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