Sunday, June 15, 2014

David Kibbe's Metamorphosis example test, part I

When you take this test, count the parts (bone structure, body type (padding ;-)) and facial features) separate from each other. This is so that you can check your type from the table I posted yesterday.
and if you place yourself in between, or can't choose from two, take both answers into consideration.

Bone Structure

1) My vertical line is (not your height; we're looking for how tall you appear to be):
a. Long (People always think I'm taller than I really am.)
b. Moderately Long (People sometimes guess I'm slightly taller, but not by very much.)
c. Moderate (People usually guess my height correctly, or aren't at all surprised by it)
d. Smallish (People usually guess I'm slightly smaller, and my curvy figure is more noticeable than my height.)
e. Petite (It's very obvious to everyone that I am small in stature.)

vertical body shape
If you have short legs, long torso, give yourself an E, if you have long legs and short torso, give yourself an A.

But as the person's height IS a deciding factor in this, answer this part also on how tall you are.
a. 5'5 and over 
b. 5'5-5'8
c. between 5'4 and 5'6
d. 5'6 and under
e. 5'5 and under

2) The shape of my shoulders is best described as:
a. Narrow, sharp

b. Broad, blunt

c. Symmetrical, even

d. Sloped, but tapered

e. Sloped and rounded

One thing missing here is neck. Simply put, long, slender neck = yin, sturdy, short neck = yang

3) The length of my arms and legs are best described as:
a. Elongated, narrow
b. Elongated, broad
c. Moderate, in even proportion to my height and upper torso
d. Small, slightly shortish
e. Small, very short in proportion to my height and upper torso

4) The size and shape of my hands and fee are best described as:
a. Long and narrow

b. Large and broad

c. Moderate, neither long, broad, delicate nor small

d. Small, narrow, delicate

e. Small and slightly wide

Facial Bones

5) The shape of my jawline is best described as:
a. Sharp, either very pointed, very prominent, or very square
b. Broad or blunt, slightly wide

c. Moderate, symmetrical, neither wide, sharp, nor rounded
d. Delicate, tapered, or slightly narrow
e. Rounded or softly wide

6) The shape of my nose is best described as:
a. Sharp or prominent
b. Broad or blunt, but on the large side, possibly wide
c. Moderate, symmetrical, netiher overly large nor overly rounded
d. Delicate, tapered, narrow
e. Rounded or softly wide

7) The shape of my cheekbones is best described as:
(This is about cheekbones, not the flesh on your cheeks)
a. High, prominent

b. Wide
c. Symmetrical, moderate
d. Delicate, narrow, slightly rounded

e. Rounded

End of part I of the test. Now you should know if you bone structure is yin, yang or in between.
If you still aren't sure, there are a couple more tests you can use to figure out your bone structure.

1) Measure your wrist. 
Large frame = a, b
Medium frame = c
Small frame = d, e

2) facial bones
finding your face shape
If your face is shaped like:
diamond, rectangle = a
a-triangle, rectangle, square = b
oval, oblong = c
v-triangle, heart = d
round, pear = e