Thursday, June 19, 2014

Body shape

In the beginning there were only three shapes. You were either "normal", "top-heavy" or "bottom-heavy".
Then people started noticing that that wasn't enough. There has been more and more shapes added.
Looking at this mathematically, there is at least 18 different shapes.
N = normal W = wide O = no waist S = small
Actually, I should add a 3rd option for the waist, between those two, being "normal",
but I have applied "defined waist, non-defined waist".

There are two variations of all of this. 
People with short waist and long legs, and people with long waist and short legs.
Then we should mind such details like
-the shape of the shoulders - is it sharp and angular, or soft and round?
- shape of the butt - flat or round
- shape of the hips - round or square
- shape of the legs. Straight or curvy. Curvy lean or curvy muscular. 
- shape of your back. Round or straight? 

So - I think I'll just follow his advice and pick from my body what I like the best and the least, and highlight the former and hide the latter - or trick the eyes from the "bad" bits into the "good" bits.


There's some idiot online telling everyone that some women shouldn't be called "hourglasses or curvy" because they aren't, and that SHE knows, because she studies fashion.

Anyway, she claims that
Marilyn Monroe, Christina Hendricks and America Ferrera are not hourglasses, but pears
Raquel Welch, Ursula Andress and Kate Winslet are cones.

Instead of some subjective opinion, let's look at the ladies' measurements.
Hourglass is defined as
chest and hips about the same size - allowed difference 5%
waist about 75% of the chest/hip measurement.

Marilyn Monroe
Chest and hips the same size. Waist 13 inches smaller, about 65% of the chest-hips measure.

Raquel Welch
Chest and hips about the same size, hips about 3% smaller.
Waist 12 inches smaller than the hips, about 66% of the chest-hip measurement.

Ursula Andress
Chest bigger than the hips, about 6% larger.
Waist 11 inches smaller than the hips, about 68% of the hip measurement.
Top hourglass.

Kate Winslet
Hips bigger than chest, about 6% larger.
Waist 8 inches smaller than chest, 25% smaller.
Bottom hourglass.

Christina Hendricks
Chest and hips about the same size, less than 5% difference.
Waist 9 inches smaller than hips, 25% smaller.

All of these ladies are Caucasian and have a reasonably normal body.
That's what their measurements say. No subjective opinion.
Now, my subjective opinion of Ursula Andress is that she is top heavy, and not an hourglass,
but who am I to argue the measurements?

This "fashion studying expert" claims that pears can have big boobs.
No, they can't. That's kind of the definition of a pear.
The same way cones have a flat butt and not much of a waist.
The same way rulers don't have much of a waist, nor big boobs.

Also, Kate Upton is not hourglass-shaped, but she is definitely curvy.
She is also voluptuous.
Curvy and voluptuous are not synonymous to having an hourglass figure.

The stupid bitch also says:
"it's just the only bikini one I could find 
that showed she lacks the waist definition needed to be curvy"
Don't you think it would be easier to find photos that show it,
if she really lacked the waist definition?

Some hourglasses have a narrow shoulders and back, some have wide.
You can't say if someone is an hourglass by showing a photo of her from behind.

Also, if a person is standing with hands over her head,
she is likely to have a SEEMINGLY narrower upper body.

As anyone "studying fashion" SHOULD KNOW, you can do a lot with a camera.
Depending on the camera angle, the way the model stands or wrists her body,
depending on what she is wearing,
one can add curves and definition even when there's none.


  1. you make me laugh. :)

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  3. hmm. measurements only matter so much. it’s really what their silhouette looks like.. raquel welch is an inverted triangle. her measurements are 37-24-36, meaning that her bust/shoulders are bigger than her bottom half. the reason why most people think she’s an hourglass is because of her waist.