Sunday, September 18, 2011

The question is...

WHY do I want to be skinny?
I want to be beautiful, and I have got the idea that one can be beautiful only when one is skinny... But then I read Dances with fat, and Fat Heffalump and The Fat Chick... and I'm getting suspicious... perhaps that's not true...

I have pain, not because I'm fat, but because I have been bullied and stressed my whole life, because I have Asperger's. I'd still have Asperger's and Fibromyalgia, even if I was skinny.
My sleep apnea will be taken care of by the sleeping mask.
If I'd take care of my asthma, with the medicine I have, that wouldn't be bothering me much either...
I can get fit and agile even being fat. So... I think it might be better to start looking at this matter from the opposite point of view... what is it, exactly I want to do, and then do it... If I lose weight in the process, fine, but if I don't, that's fine too. I'm beautiful as I am.

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