Tuesday, September 13, 2011

52 weeks organizing

At Organizing Junkie there's a 52 weeks organizing event going on.

Now... I don't mind organizing, per se, but the idea of that you MUST organize, clean, keep it tidy, declutter and simplify your life and get rid of all your stuff because of this and that... and I don't want to get rid of my stuff. I like living in a library. I like having all kinds of pretty, fascinating and exotic things around me. I love my cozy, shabby, ecclectic and bohemian home. Cozy, shabby, ecclectic and bohemian homes are not decluttered, minimalistic and tidy. They are messy, shabby and cluttered.

Yes, it's not easy to clean that, and it's not easy to find anything there, unless it's your pile of stuff. Then you know exactly where everything is.

But - I have to say I prefer clean kitchen. I prefer clean home. I prefer my lovely china clean. So - I suppose SOME organizing and cleaning isn't a bad thing ;-)

I also like the advice given at "where to start when you're totally disorganized". I'm not totally disorganized, I just need to learn to clean. But the advice works there too :-D

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