Friday, September 16, 2011

10 little things to do

10 things to do everyday to stay organized

It works with everything here in life, as well with losing weight as embracing your talents and gaining other goals in life.

1) Write a list about everything you need to do. Put it on the list and then forget it. When you get time, do the things on the list. That will firstly release your mind to mind about other things, and secondly, make the things manageable, and it will also make you see what you have done. You really should focus on what you do and have already done, not what you SHOULD do.

Try to find time to do at least one thing on the list every day.

2) have a calendar, one spot where you note all the dates and such; not only doctor's appointments, but such things as holidays and birthdays. If you have marked at least a week ahead that someone's having a birthday, you'll remember to send the card and be happier about it - if that's important to you. It is important to me.

Write down also such things as time to return the library books, if you need to bake something for a certain date/event - write also down, that you need to go and buy all the ingredients and all that.

3) It is important to decide at least a day ahead what you are going to eat the next day, for a couple of reasons.
- you won't overeat and follow your impulses, which means you'll get a better control of your eating and weight
- as you prepare for the meals beforehand, you'll be able to control your shopping, and thus your economy better, you will be prepared with all the ingredients and such
- you could make your own "frozen dinners" and such, so when you don't feel like cooking, you can go and check the freezer.
- you won't waste time and energy in thinking about what you'd eat, what to buy, what you need etc. You already thought it out.

So - what is needed of you is that a) you do this and b) you stick to it. If you get cravings, write it on a list. You are going to have to deal with an inner child and an inner teenager. The way to deal with them is the way you'd deal with real kids. Give them a vote, give them a day when they may eat anything they want.

4) Also a good advice - if your home is untidy, it's because the things are in wrong places. Keep putting them back in right places, and it won't be untidy :-D

5) - and what if you don't have kids?

6-7) declutter... Uh. Use it or lose it.

Adding five things in the box EVERY DAY means you'll have no things. Now, it might be what the declutterer dictators want, but is it what you want? Most people have things because they need them and because they mean something to them. It is not a bad thing to have beautiful things around you. Sure, it makes it harder to keep clean, but - that's the price to pay for pretty things.
Of course I would be a rich woman if I had no things, because I would have been able to save several thousand cronas every month. I would be able to do all kinds of things with that money. Travel, experience, learn. But... I do appreciate the things more than the experiences and knowledge and such... otherwise I wouldn't have bought them. I like traveling in my imagination, safe in my home, filled with stuff. When I'm starting to appreciate the "inner riches" more than the "outer riches", I'll start decluttering and saving and experiencing. Before that it's futile to shame me to declutter.

8) Yes, a box for things to be recycled, donated, returned and things a friend might appreciate. Have a box for gifts and such too. Mathoms, as Tolkien called them. ;-)

9. 10 minute tidy before bed, 10 minute tidy after breakfast. It will make a whole lot of a difference.

10) Attitude check is always in place :-) Be good to yourself and remember to do only things YOU want done, for YOU.

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