Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What makes a girl beautiful?

These women are not beautiful by my standards. But they are thin... and they care about their looks, have definite style, makeup, hair done, and have self confidence. They act as they were beautiful and the world responds by treating them as if they were. And it's all that really matters.

I, as every other woman on this planet (or so I believe), want to be beautiful. I'm sure my face is already more beautiful, so if I only learn to put on a makeup, get a stylish wardrobe (and I'm sure I would have style, even if I wasn't fashionable), good haircut, learn to run with high heels, exercise a lot and get agile, and - yes, loose half of me... the world would see me as beautiful too :-)

Now, the world would see me as beautiful already today, if I saw myself as beautiful.

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