Friday, September 25, 2009

Well... bad news? Or god?

My doctor called... he's a bit upset because I don't trust him. I feel he doesn't listen. He claims he does. The last call ended with he telling me there was nothing wrong with my tests, I asking him where will we go now, and he ending the call... I am, of course, happy to know there's nothing wrong with my blood sugar or thyroids, that I don't have high blood pressure, anemia or rheumatic problems, but I have something and I want to know what it is, so that something can be done to it. Either I get help and cure, or I get to live on permanent disability. What ever. I just want to know what is wrong. My hands are aching so bad.

I don't have a good appetite. All food tastes bad. I keep searching for good food, delicious food, the experience with food, I keep eating because I miss the luxury of tasty food. I suppose I should go by my appetite. If I start loosing weight like 10 kilos a month, someone should react.
I wish I found something else to indulge myself with. I don't like spas and such.

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