Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Seven kilos in April

That's nice. I try to keep me on the carpet and not start planning on keeping that pace.

I'm also working against my inner critic (trying to tame her to be a good adviser in stead of the critical bitch she is now) and my inner saboteur... and that's a hard one.

It is hard to recognize when the things suggested by that voice are my own wishes, and which are saboteur speaking.

Right now I just want to fantasize about a certain someone who in my fantasies love me, and show it too. But it always ends up with me crying, because it is very different from the reality, and it makes me think about how different the reality is and in what ways, and it makes me feel really bad, and do nothing the rest of the day, or week or month, but lie in my bed and cry.

And what I WANT is to
- lose weight
- get exercising, moving, improving my physical fitness
- learn Maltese
- translate, write and illustrate books
- learn to bake really well
- learn to cook really well
- learn to use my camera really well
- and some 20 other things. Or 200. Or more. Not sure about the number. (But "50 things before I'm 50" and "100 things in 1001 days" are a good beginning of the list... >:->

I really don't want to waste my days by fantasizing about people who are not part of my life or by having a pity party - or being on Pinterest.

But - seven kilos... :-) Nice. (That's about 15 pounds.)

P.S. Here's 67 science-backed ways to lose weight! Go and read. It's not stupid.

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