Wednesday, May 8, 2013

As you know...

I'm on low-carb diet.
So far I have lost 7 kilos.

On Monday I weighed 100.9 kilos. Today it's 102.7 kilos. I almost fell off the scales when I saw that.
It's not time for my menstruation yet... so that cannot be the reason.

Then I remembered. We have been eaten this delicious meat product called Kassler. It is very, very good. But it is charkuterie... and after having read the ingredients, I know why I'm 2 kilos heavier today than 3 days ago. It has sugar, starch, fructose... The meat was cured in sugar-salt-solution.

That little bit of sugar was enough to make me gain weight and I am drowsy and in pain today.

It makes me sad. I was hoping I'll pass the 100 kilos line on my way down already in April.
Then I was hoping it happens this week.
Right now it doesn't seem even possible.

Also, I have been walking this week. 5 kilometers every day. I used to do that when we had a dog, but then the dog couldn't walk it with me, and I was always thinking about the Incident, and thinking about it made me cry, so I stopped walking. Anyway, someone I know about has got a new app on her iPhone (I hate her for having an iPhone, and apps and such... yes, I am envious. I am really, really envious of this woman. She seems to have everything I want, and... Uh. Jealousy is a nasty beast. And comparison is the kill of joy.) and she updates on Facebook, and she has been walking 5-6 Ks every day, and I will damn not be any worse, on those things that are free and accessible to me.

So gaining weight was a real backlash, and I find it really difficult to deal with it.

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