Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Seasonal color theory

This is the best test to find your colors:

The idea is simple. You like the colors best that fit you best. You like the style best that fits you best.

So - choose your favorite colors. You can pick as many of the colors you like. If you like all the burgundies, for example, pick all of them. In the end, you will have picked most colors from one column.
If you picked most colors from first column, you are a summer.
If you picked most colors from second column, you are a winter.
If you picked most colors from third column, you are a spring.
If you picked most colors from fourth column, you are an autumn.

You'll probably have quite a lot from another column, too, and less in the two others.

The column with most choices is your main season, the column with second most choices is your secondary season.

They say there are 4, 12 or 16 seasons, depending on how one sees thing.
First there were only four, and people were considered belonging 100% to one season. Now, all the colors of the season didn't work as well with all the people in the season, and this was noted already in the first version.
The second version counted three versions of each season; the main season was considered leaning to one of the others. Dark autumns were considered being autumn-winters; light and softer autumns were autumn-summers and the light and bright autumns were autumn-springs, and so on.
The third version is that there are actually some people who don't "lean" anywhere. They could actually use all the colors from their main palette equally well, and couldn't add colors from another season.

For example, me.

I hate purple. All shades of it. I know I look amazing in bright violet, but I don't like it. (I think they call it "grape")

I love burgundy. Especially, the rich, chocolate-y maroon-y burgundy. Some call it aubergine, some plum, some dark cherry... I call it the color of black flowers :-)

I also love blue-greens. Almost all shades of it. I don't like cyan and strong turquoise, but aqua is lovely.

I got most of my dots on Spring, about half as many on Autumn, and a few in Summer and Winter.

You can also do this differently.
Choose the colors you dislike most.

I don't like muted colors, murky, "dirty" colors, "dusty" colors, grey or bright, sharp colors, like "shocking", "electric" or neon.
If you look at these charts for Spring, those colors marked as "worst colors" ARE the worst colors I know. Old rose, lavender rose, pink lavender, English lavender, rosy brown, taupe, mauve, mauve taupe... yuk!

Bright aqua makes my skin look amazing.

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