Friday, June 10, 2011

How to avoid saggy skin after weight loss?

The unavoidable truth is that if you lose weight quickly - like giving birth to a baby - your skin might not be able to "hang" with you - so it ends up hanging... in nasty, ugly folds, flapping wings, sides, buttocks and belly, arms and thighs... I don't want that. At the moment it seems that all you can do to that AFTERWARDS is to cut it off. So think about it BEFORE.

1. Loose weight slowly.
2. Exercise - fill the "gap" with muscles. That will also improve the "tightness" of skin. I don't know how that works, but it does.
3. Give your skin a lot of water and nutritions. Eat proper food with all vitamins, minerals and oils, the good stuff. It's better to get those things from natural food than through additives and man-made chemicals in pills and "added" stuff.
4. Give your skin some sunlight for vitamin D. It will also make you less hungry.
5. Start losing weight NOW. Don't wait till tomorrow, or next monday, or next month or after holidays or your vacation or anything. The skin loses elasticity as you get older, and you get older every day... Start NOW.

Exfoliating, rubbing, dry-brushing, moisturising and massaging the skin might help somewhat.

So - let's see if that'll help.

Here's what I have to work with:

 Yes, those stripes on my "love handles" are stretch marks, and I had them already when I was 15 and not overweight. I suppose my skin has never been very elastic... nice for me, huh?

Oh, damn, it's ugly!

Nevertheless, it shows, that I need to work with my arms, thighs, sides, back and belly.
Now, I chose to wear these bikini pants under my belly. They actually cover that belly flap "normally", so that I look a little better.
My bottom has always been small and "tight"

You know... Angelina Jolie doesn't have that much bottom either...
and see, even though she's so skinny, she too has "muffin tops"


  1. Ketutar,
    How is your plan going? I guess we have apple shapes but, as you say, so does Angelina, and she got Brad, right?

    I just found out I am an apple shaped body (1 week ago) after of years of torturing workouts. Tip: FIND OUT ABOUT BODY SHAPES. I learned that even if I reached my ideal weight body, I was never going to look well in certain clothes desiged for pear shapes.

    Let's stay in touch!

  2. Plan is not going very well... I have been walking, walking, walking, and the people closest me say I'm getting tighter, but I haven't lost much weight and the clothes' size is the same... perhaps they sit a bit better, but... :-(

    I agree with you... body shape and structure is important... I will never look like Salma Hayek, because I don't have her shape.

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