Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Ok, so...

So... he weighed 120 kilos on July 1st. He weighed 80 kilos on January 1st half a year later. Now, it doesn't say what he did or what he ate, but probably a lot and pretty healthily :-D

MTV's I Used To Be Fat showed Marci in episode 2, season 1, and she lost a pound a day, by  
"During the show Diet - oatmeal and eggwhites breakfast,grilled chicken Green vegetable lunch,low calorie soup or salad dinner (1200 kcal per day). Workouts were bootcamp drills,football drills and were 4-8 hours a day",
as she said on Facebook, answering questions people had about it.

I had a good experience of my "do nothing else to lose weight but eat less" diet :-D I ate less than 1600 kcal a day and lost steadily a kg every week, until I didn't, got depressed and stopped dieting. I don't have the slightest idea what I weighed during that time, but as I weigh 119 now, after heavy eating in Finland during my vacation, I think I probably weighed 117 when I stopped... :-( Which was not much over what I was supposed to weigh. So, I have a couple of weeks to take back, and losing 40 kilos in 6 months like PJ did, or in 3 months like Marci did, sounds like a good moral boost-up and a carrot. I managed to keep up with the diet for 7 weeks, so keeping up with the diet for 13 weeks doesn't sound too hard. Especially if I do manage to lose 40 kilos. That would be amazing.

So - the plan:
3.8 - 116
10.8 - 113
17.8 - 110
24.8 - 107
31.8 - 104
7.9 - 101
14.9 - 98
21.9 - 95
28.9 - 92
5.10 - 89
12.10 - 86
19.10 - 83
26.10 - 80

How to reach it?
4-8 hours heavy exercise every day. I have arthritis, so no jumping and drills for me, but I can row, so that's what I'm going to do.
breakfast - oatmeal eggwhite smoothie
lunch - green salad with grilled chicken
dinner - low calorie soup
1200 kcal per day
And then I'm going to drybrush my skin every day to see if that helps it to not sag so much.

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