Wednesday, July 31, 2019

First day of this time :-D

So, I made myself an eggwhite-yoghurt-berry-smoothie for breakfast. About 200 kcal.
I couldn't drink all of it at one go, so I put it in the fridge to wait for when I was hungry. I got hungry at 1 P.M. and added a handful of almonds in it. 300 kcal :-D I don't think I'll do that again :-D
This was about half an hour ago, and I am still hungry, so I am grilling myself a chicken filet, which I plan to eat with lots of green salad and a vinaigrette. It's a big filet, and a lot of lettuce and such green stuff, so I don't think I want to be eating anything more today, but if I'm still hungry, there's room for something more, to fill it up to 1200 kcal. I'm eating too much protein and too little carbs at the moment, though... I might eat a roasted piece of full corn bread for supper, though. To get a little minerals, fibers and carbs.

Food is not going to be a problem. Workout is. I am so unfit and stiff and untrained! AND I USED NOT TO BE! I used to be really fit, trained and flexible - but it was all active, I mean, I never went to a gym and trained. I used to freerun in the forests, climb rocks and trees, jump and hang and all kinds of things. So I don't have any routines and habits to support my weight loss journey. Nor a personal trainer. I have to do this all by myself. Now, a benefit here is that I am rather physically intelligent, I am able to use the internet and be certain of that I do the movements right. I know my body and know how to use it, even though it has been sadly neglected for years, and thoroughly rusty and gunky.
But - it is possible. Marci did it, and she had never been fit and eaten right. If she can, I can. I have full confidence in me. It might take longer than 3 months, but I will eventually get there. I know I will.

And it pleases me enormously. I will get my fitness back. :-)

But - how will I put in 4-8 hours of workout?
I have been rowing, but I can do it like two minutes or less and I'm all tired and huff, puff and wheeze :-D I almost have the blood taste in my mouth, and I'm seriously considering if I should go for that :-D

This 50 minutes to hell sounds like a good option - I think all of it is possible to me... perhaps not the "man maker"... that jump-thingy in the middle looks too much for my hip... perhaps one could do it, like, slow, avoiding any jerks and jumps. And, of course, the jumps in the end. No burpees and box jumps for me, at least not yet. Perhaps when I reach the 80 kilos. Or 60.

I would need some sort of HIIT thingy, on the floor, focusing on core...

Callanetics work, and so does Jane Fonda... though I can't do the warm up... I have to find some way to warm up that doesn't involve jumping and such...

BTW, now it's 10 P.M. and I need to go to bed. Tomorrow starts the new 6WC - 6 weeks of studying languages 24/7.
And I failed with the food. I ate a pizza. :-( So somewhat over 1200 kcal, but it's still under 1700. Not too bad. I'll take it back tomorrow :-) Less tea with milk, more green tea, and I'll wait with my breakfast smoothie for as long as I can. :-)
And I'll do some sort of crossfit tomorrow. :-) It will be great!

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