Saturday, May 31, 2014

Here I go again...

Ok. When I was about 20 I color analysed myself with my mother's HUGE collection of scarves, and couldn't pinpoint my season, except that I'm definitely warm.
Over the years I have tried Autumn and Summer - because I think there's a certain muddiness in my colors. Rat colored hair, mud-colored hazel eyes, my skin gets olive green when tanned... So I must be either Summer/Autumn or Autumn/Summer, mustn't I?
I would have so loved to be Spring, but - how could I? With all the mud...

But - they all said that the color analysis was first developed when an art teacher noticed that his students intuitively used the colors that suited them. And I have always been very... "disney-esque" as my husband calls it. Bright, happy pastels and airy tones... And I love jewel tones.
But... all the mud! How could I be Spring?

Then I met my husband. One of the first things he told me was that natural flax doesn't suit me. At all. It drains all the color off me and leaves the mud. Oatmeal, dishwater, ecru bland.

And I remembered wearing a bright, clear, strong, royal purple sweater once and shining. My skin got an amazing golden lustre, my hair got bright, my eyes shone...

And then there's the Zyla colors... The colors found on me, my eyes, my hair, my skin.

I have to accept that I am a Clear Spring or Bright Spring, Spring going to Winter. My eyes are not of bright color, they are dark hazel, but they are bright. My eye-whites are very white.
This is me as a 7-years-old. Bright eyes. That's one of the first things I notice. Eyes like a little bird. And the glowing warmth of her skin and golden hair...

This is me, now. I have only henna in my hair, so you can see how much darker it has gotten during these ~40 years between these photos.

I call it "slightly exploded". This is from my nephew's wedding, and I had put my hair nicely up, but it was a very windy day, and the wind blew up my coiffure :-D I think I look pretty awful in this, I can hardly see anything but my double chin, and my hair that looks like something died on my head... But - I am my worst critic, relentless and cruel. :-(
No matter. I'm not writing this blog to show all how beautiful and well-dressed I am, or to tell people the right way to do things. I'm writing this blog to share with my fellow women (and men, too, if any is interested of this blog) MY thoughts and fights and troubles and wondering about these issues. So - this is how I look. I'd like the truth to be different, but it's not. And that's that.

Anyway, I have read today, that:
Clear Springs have light hair as kids, and darken when they get older. Check.
Clear Springs have very white eye-whites. Check
Clear Springs have big contrasts on their face. Check.
Clear Springs have bright eyes. Check.
Warm undertone. Yes. I look blah in ecru and other muted, soft tones. I look great in jewel tones.
Ok. So - I suppose I just have to accept that I am a Clear Spring.

My husband told me something else, too... that I am not at all an Ingenue. I'm Dramatic Classic. I look ridiculous in my Ingenue clothes. :-( But I look stunning, fabulous, smoking hot and amazing in men's clothes... :-> When I underline my femininity and dress in girly stuffs, pink, frills and lace, I look like a bad drag queen, when I understate it, dressing in uniforms and close to minimalist, my femininity blows through like a thunderbolt.
Well... I suppose he knows best :-D He fell in love with me when my "uniform" was a long A-line skirt, men's shirt and a vest. :-)

To next matter.
I experimented with the Dressing Your Truth types, again. I think I look pretty awful in all of them. Especially T3. I look like someone's fat wrestler aunt. "This is my aunt, Luchadora Tigresa. She breaks things". Or mrs. Doubtfire when she was young. "Lydia, oh Lydia, the tattooed lady..." Luchadora Tigresa used to be a sailor in her youth." And she broke things already then...

Actually I like T1 and T2 best. All rosy and cute in T1, soft and sort of outdoorsy, "natural" gal. But that scarf must go. :-D

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  1. Why wouldn't you consider being 1/4 in dyt?
    Clear /bright spring is combination of primary spring and secondary winter season which would be simillar to 1/4 in dyt..