Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Absolute beginner

I'm doing Couch to 5K

I have started it once earlier, that time with no watch, so I counted about 60 seconds and 90 seconds...

I run it again, today, with a podcast from that URL above.
I could do two 60 seconds' runs, the third I stopped in the middle, and didn't run anymore.
I had taste of blood in my mouth, my breathing was wheezing (I'm astmathic) and I was finished. I hardly could walk back home. 
So... I think we REALLY LOUSY couch potatoes would need an easier level than the start level.

And I need to start minding my asthma. :-(
I hate it. I like to pretend there's nothing wrong, and "forget" to take my medication

And I have somehow damaged a muscle on my right thigh. Feels like I've somehow strained it... But I can't remember when and how or even if. That's about the worst thing with FM. I can't tell the difference of FM muscle ache and a strained muscle. It is possible that I have stretched it too much or something.

All this makes me so uncertain of training.

Anyway, my "konditionstal" is 26, based on how long time it takes for me to walk 5K, and that is... bad, but not really bad. For a woman of my age... >:->

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