Saturday, March 9, 2013

I get so tired...

I have Asperger's which means that relevancy and being on topic is very important to me.
For some weird reason these things seems to be of no importance to all "normal" people. At least if one looks at their behavior...

I politely asked another pinner to move a pin, because it was in "wrong" board.
(I am aware of that it's my definition of "wrong", but I also pointed out that if she thinks I'm out of line, she can just ignore my comment and delete it, and everything is fine.)

A third person comments, telling me what a horrible person I am.
I respond, still calm and collected, though rather sarcastic, because she was doing exactly what she said pisses her off. :-D
She responds, by saying something like "karma is a bitch" - and as I was being polite, and she was not, that comment made no sense what so ever.
So I asked her what she thought she meant with that comment.
Of course the idiot didn't bother responding. I assume she thinks she had been really clever and "shown the a-hole". *sigh*

Well... today a fourth person joined the discussion, and told me to get a life.

Oh... so she finds my choice of how to spend my life objectionable. Firstly, it really isn't any of her business, and secondly... it's apparently totally ok to attack people on the internet, but asking politely people to move pins is worth being attacked? Or is it horribly bad behavior to defend oneself against the attack?

I'm rather upset right now, because the owner of the pin, who would have the power to delete all the messages, is doing absolutely nothing, and these two bitches think it's ok to criticize *my* behavior, and no-one seems to find anything wrong with that.
I hate bitches like that, because they get away with that shit, and *I* end up taking the blame and punishment and abuse these people and their equally stupid bitch friends think they have the right to pour over me...

Why isn't anyone telling the Bitch #1 that it's not ok to talk to other people like that, that it's not ok to attack people whose comments you don't like, that it's not "karma" when you abuse a person who has not been abusive.
Perhaps they are afraid of being attacked as well, as the Bitch #1 is obviously both mean and stupid. Except those idiots, who think Bitch #1 is right and acting correctly.

How the hell can anyone think it's ok to call a person names, who is politely asking a favor from someone else?

And why even bother being nice and polite? I won't get what I want, I'll just get a bucket load of crap instead, from people who have nothing to do with the issue in the first place. 

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