Sunday, August 15, 2010

So... almost a year later

Of course it all came tumbling down. :-(

I ate a lot during the Yuletide and through the Spring and Summer... now it's Autumn, and I weigh about 100 kilos.

I re-read my blog entries and I am interested in trying again. Situation has changed a little from October.

1) my benefits were tried in May/June, and I got 18 months more time. The "allowance" is halved, though, so I don't have much money. This 18 months - or 15 now - are to be used to rehabilitation, to get me back to the work life. I am still in constant pain and have no diagnose on that... I have had my sleep apnea tested, but the results are pending... for about a month more. I have no faith in my doctor, and tomorrow I'm going to call to another, and hopefully will get a time in a month or so. I really want to get this checked and be sure of what's wrong with me and what can be done to it. My hands hurt, again, like hell, and I don't know how much more I will be writing. It doesn't make the pain worse, and my hands will hurt anyway, but... I will be feeling too sorry for myself.

2) I have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. I assume I will be getting some help because of that. It IS sort of autism, a handicap one is born with, so I will be counted as disabled person. I don't know how that will change things, but I know it will...

So - back to eating "nothing" - just tea, water, a spoonful of yogurt when I'm hungry, a mouthful of juice when I feel the sugar graving, and the vitamins, minerals and fish oil :-)

I really want to remove the obesity factor when it comes to my health and pain.

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