Sunday, April 8, 2018

Spring Wardrobe 2018

Step 16: balancing the neutrals

My wardrobe has way too little neutrals :-D
So I decided to make one of the "uniform tops" golden brown and the shorts grey.

There are absolutely NO bridge garments.

It is a very nice wardrobe... now, I question the existence of TWO neutrals, because the neutrals aren't that nice together. They go, but... the mere idea of wearing a brown shirt with grey pants... GIVE ME COLOR!!!

But, what became very clear is that it's not MY wardrobe.

I put together brown jeans, t-shirt, and a cardigan.
I mean, yes, I used to wear things like that. Now I want more. I want the pants to be like Lagenlook pants.
I want the cardigan to be more... alive. Not so neat. More artistic. More art.
The T-shirt is OK.

Now, if the pants were Lagenlook pants, then, but the shirt should be really soft, and have some clever details. Like... could it be the kind with a huge pirate collar? What would the "5 ways of wearing a shirt" be with a shirt like that?

And I need a belt. A sash belt. Maybe more than one... one wide sash and one brick woven folklore ribbon belt over it.

The same thing with the jersey skirt. Give me more. Right now it's so preppy and I am not preppy.

The same with the grey core four. A jacket/blazer is not a layering piece.
I don't want a fifth cardi. Come on, 4 is enough!

Now, the cigarette pants are OK, but they have to be made in a genuine 50s pattern. Having the waist up to one's armpits is part of the fun. Besides, that's how my body looks. I have REALLY HIGH HIPS:

Also, for some reason, the grey jacket doesn't look so nice anymore... I think I might want one of those Chinese embroidered jackets instead... Damn Polyvore. I would need to get to my sets right now.
But also, I might not need a jacket/blazer at all, I have my padded kimono jacket.

The rest looks OK.

Step 17

Now, I don't have a dark neutral sweater, a light neutral tee, a dark neutral tee - I only have two tees and one short sleeve blouse. Which isn't neutral. I suppose it could pass as a light tee, though. Also, I think one of my cardies would pass as "dark neutral sweater". I don't want a sweater right now. It's spring.
I have NEVER used denim shirts, and I don't think I'll start now. I have never been much for shirts anyway, they are a bit too preppy for me.

 What I do use, and a lot is dresses, so I think I'm going to put in yet another dress, and cordially ignore that that gives me fewer options. It's not like I want to wear a different outfit every day as it is.

I also don't have dark dress trousers. I disagree, not with Coco Chanel, but with Janice, about the need of suits in today's society. Back in the 60s, everyone was wearing suits when they were in public places. At least every well-dressed woman. Today we don't wear suits, except at work, if the work is such. Most people don't even wear suits in such works. So, no, we don't need suits. I don't need suits.

So, let's go through my wardrobe plans and see what we need to get and what of what I already have I can use.

I have some "harem pants". Those will do.
I have a simple white t-shirt. I have enough of tops of all kinds.
That jersey skirt sounds like something I would use.
I have white shirts and blouses
I have enough cardigans

I would really like to have cigarette pants.
I would like to have a teal/red cardigan
I would like a flirty little blouse.
I would like to have a French striped boatneck.
I need a fitted waistcoat, folklore model, like a national costume
I would like a ruana. If I win the auction for the plaid, I'll give myself one.
Culotte shorts.
I want a red wrap dress.
I also want the padded kimono jacket. I really need something light and easy I can just grab and go.
I also want the red trenchcoat.

Something that wasn't on the list, is a pair of red pants and a floral skirt.
I also want a pair of flower pants. 

I have all the shoes and bags and jewelry I can need.
What I need is
a bronze watch
leather gloves
spring hat
and the belts.

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